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Giant Inflatables: Egg Stage Prop for Pokemon GO!

Updated: Mar 14

Giant inflatables possess an undeniable ability to captivate audiences and serve as the centerpiece for an entire event. Their sheer size and distinct designs make them impossible to ignore, instantly drawing the attention and curiosity of attendees. Whether it's a towering character, a massive logo, or an intricately crafted structure, these inflatables create a visual impact that sets the tone for the entire event. Their presence not only establishes a strong connection between the attendees and the event's branding or theme but also generates an aura of excitement and anticipation. As the focal point, these larger-than-life props command attention, becoming a source of wonder, conversation, and unforgettable photo opportunities, ensuring that the event remains etched in the memories of all who experience it.

Giant Egg Inflatable Stage Prop for VTProDesign
50' Giant Inflatable Egg Prop for Image Projection

This particular giant inflatable egg stage prop was used for humongous graphics for the Together We Raid event hosted in Chicago in 2021. Below you can see the official Pokemon GO! account's video of the event.

The egg was used to project imaging in tandem with in app events for Pokemon GO! They set up their own projectors, images and sound system for the event. We were brought in to create a giant structure that would be suitable for their needs. They need to project live images while having a huge standing structure. The egg was also the centerpiece of the event as it held everyone's attention and indicated when special events were occuring.

Giant inflatables can be utilized as a unique canvas for projecting images during events, creating a visually stunning and dynamic display. Here's an overview of how they can be used for image projection:

  • Projection Surface: The large surface area of giant inflatables makes them ideal for projecting images, videos, and animations. The inflatable material, often white or light-colored, serves as a highly visible and reflective surface that enhances the projection quality and ensures excellent visibility even from a distance.

  • Customization: Giant inflatables can be designed with specific projection considerations in mind. They can feature smooth surfaces, minimal textures, or even specialized coatings that optimize the projection quality and prevent distortion or blurring. The inflatable's shape and structure can also be tailored to accommodate the desired image or video aspect ratio.

  • Projection Mapping: Projection mapping techniques can be employed to precisely align and project visuals onto the surface of the inflatable. By utilizing specialized software and mapping the contours of the inflatable, projectors can accurately project imagery that conforms to the shape of the inflatable, creating a mesmerizing 3D-like effect.

  • Dynamic Visuals: The combination of giant inflatables and image projection allows for dynamic visuals that can transform the inflatables into moving, animated displays. By projecting changing images, videos, or animations onto the inflatable surface, it becomes a dynamic canvas that adds an extra layer of excitement and immersion to the event.

  • Branding and Storytelling: Inflatable structures can be customized to incorporate brand logos, event themes, or storytelling elements. By projecting corresponding visuals onto the inflatables, they become powerful tools for branding and immersive storytelling, effectively conveying messages, and engaging the audience in a visually captivating way.

  • Ambiance and Atmosphere: Giant inflatables with projected images can set the mood and create a specific ambiance for an event. Whether it's a serene landscape, a vibrant pattern, or a pulsating light show, the combination of inflatables and image projection can transform the environment, eliciting emotions and enhancing the overall atmosphere of the event.

  • Nighttime Spectacles: The impact of projected images on giant inflatables is particularly impressive during nighttime events. The combination of darkness and strategically placed lighting creates a visually stunning spectacle that captivates and enthralls the audience. The inflatables come alive, glowing with vibrant colors and animated visuals, making for an unforgettable nighttime experience.

Giant inflatable egg with Pokémon dragon
Giant Inflatable Egg with Rayquaza Projection

The use of giant inflatables as projection surfaces adds an innovative and immersive dimension to events. By projecting images, videos, or animations onto these structures, event organizers can create visually captivating displays, reinforce branding, tell stories, and enhance the overall atmosphere. The combination of inflatable props and image projection offers endless creative possibilities, allowing for truly remarkable and memorable event experiences.

Giant inflatable egg with Pokémon figure
Custom Inflatable Egg with Image Projection at Pokemon Go! Fest 2021

These custom giant inflatables can be a captivating centerpiece for an entire event, attracting attention and creating a unique and memorable experience for attendees. They have the power to transform an event into a captivating and immersive experience. By serving as the centerpiece, they capture attention, reinforce branding, provide interactive opportunities, enhance performances, and create photo-worthy moments. Their visual impact and ability to engage attendees make them a fantastic choice for event organizers looking to make a lasting impression.

Giant inflatable illuminated egg
Custom Inflatable Egg Illuminated with Image Projection


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