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Giant Inflatable Shoes

Promote your latest footwear with giant inflatable shoes. Starting any promotion can be daunting. How do you know which is the best approach? Well, in our near 40 years of experience in digital printed media, we’ve learned that going BIG is usually the best way to get noticed. The real question is, how big do you want to go? A huge inflatable replica of your latest shoe model is one way to kick-start your marketing campaign.   

Commercial Grade Quality: 

Our commercial grade inflatable shoes are constructed using the best materials in the industry. We make these inflatables to be tough. Our inflatable props are designed to be used for many events, and we believe every product should last. As with any product that you purchase, longevity should play a role in its design. With proper care, the inflatable shoes that we manufacture will last you many years. Every inflatable shoe we offer is made in the USA. 

Custom Designed: 

Whatever size you want, whatever shape you want, whatever color you want, we can make it. Want it to look real? Hyperrealism is something we can achieve on any product. There aren’t many limitations to our designs, so we can go nuts. Our designers have over 40 years of experience combined, which means that we have the skill and knowledge to create practically anything you can think of. With this type of creativity, it’s no wonder we’ve made so many cool products. 

Quick Turnaround: 

If you’re looking to have a giant inflatable shoe at your next event, give us a call and we’ll help you out. If you need it quickly, rush production options are available upon request. If you need a large quantity of inflatable shoes, we can also do high production runs, although they do take a bit longer. 

You can easily impress your guests with a huge inflatable shoe prop. Perfect for expos, conventions, and fairs, our inflatable shoes are designed to capture the imagination of anyone passing by. All of our inflatable shoes are made in the USA. Please contact us for more information. 

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