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Inflatable Arches

An inflatable arch is a type of arch shaped structure that that is inflated with air to create a temporary or portable entrance or display. We manufacture arches with durable materials and they can be designed to be completely customizable, allowing them to be used for a variety of different events, such as marathons, motorsports, festivals, trade shows, and sporting events. Inflatable arches are often used to create a grand entrance or finish line for races or events, providing a visually striking and memorable element for participants and spectators alike. They can also be used for promotional purposes, with custom branding or messaging printed on the arch to increase brand visibility.

How Do You Setup An Inflatable Arch?

1. Choose a suitable location: Pick a flat surface with enough space to accommodate the arch and the blower. Ensure that there are no sharp objects or hazards that could damage the arch.

2. Unroll the arch: Unroll the inflatable arch and lay it flat on the ground. Make sure that the arch is facing the right way up.

3. Connect the blower: Connect the blower to the arch using the provided straps. The blower should be positioned at the base of the arch, and the power cord should be plugged into an electrical outlet.

4. Inflate the arch: Turn on the blower and allow the arch to inflate fully. The time it takes for the arch to inflate will depend on the size of the arch and the power of the blower.

5. Secure the arch: Once the arch is fully inflated, secure it in place using the provided stakes or sandbags. Make sure that the arch is firmly anchored and won't move or tip over.

How Much Do Inflatable Arches Cost?

10' tall by 15' wide arches with no custom printing have a starting price of $1,900. Inflatable arches are manufactured based on a variety of metrics. These include height, width and whether the arch will be custom branded or not. There are a few standard sizes to choose from as well as an option to create your own custom arch. Custom inflatable arches, on the other hand, are priced based on their shape, complexity and size. Often times, the wider the arch the taller the structure. We tend to create arches no larger than 15' tall by 30' wide but we do make some exceptions with certain designs. Overall, the larger or more complex the arch the more expensive.

Also, some things to keep in mind when considering an arch are the different designs and styles. There are rounded arches, cornered arches, square arches and of course customized arches. Look through the gallery above and take a look at the different variations we can manufacture.  

Custom Inflatable Arches

Customizing an inflatable arch involves several steps, including choosing the size, shape, color scheme, and any branding or messaging that you want to include. 

1. Determine the size and shape: The first step in customizing an inflatable arch is to decide on the size and shape that you need. Consider the dimensions of the event space and the number of people who will be passing through the archway.

2. Choose a color scheme: Next, choose a color scheme that will help your inflatable arch stand out and attract attention. You can use your company or event colors, or choose bold, eye-catching hues that will make your arch visible from a distance.

3. Add branding or messaging: Custom inflatable arches offer a great opportunity to showcase your branding and messaging. Consider adding your company logo, event name, or other messaging to the arch in a prominent location.

4. Consider lighting: If your event will take place at night or in low-light conditions, consider adding lighting elements to your inflatable arch to make it visible and eye-catching.

Custom Inflatable Arch
Inflatable Arches for Events

Inflatable arches for events are a versatile and visually striking addition to any gathering. Whether they're used to highlight the start and finish lines of a race, serve as a grand entrance to a festival, or boost brand visibility at corporate functions, these custom structures captivate attention. Our selection of blogs below showcases the diverse applications of inflatable arches, illustrating how they can transform your event's ambiance and provide unforgettable experiences for both participants and spectators. Make your next event stand out with an inflatable arch.

Inflatable Race Arch
Inflatable Race Arches

Elevate your race day experience with customizable, eye-catching inflatable arches for start and finish lines.

Inflatable Arches for 5K Runs
Arches for 5K Runs

Boost your 5k runs with vibrant, inflatable arches, creating memorable starts and finishes.

Inflatable Finish Line Arches

Showcase Aprilia's racing spirit with bespoke inflatable arches, enhancing brand presence at events.

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