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Giant Christmas Inflatables

Giant inflatables are great christmas decorations for any end of the year event. During the holidays there are many kinds of events and we aim to facilitate decorating with giant christmas inflatables for everyone. It's quite simple really, we work with mom and pop shops, corporations and private parties. We have an inventory of at least 20+ different christmas inflatables available for rental. If you choose to purchase one we will manufacture it with a 2-3 week turnaround time. 

Commercial Christmas inflatables are perfect for end of the year advertising. Whether you are a pine tree lot, a department goods store or a clothing store we are here to help you with your outdoor advertising. The nice thing about giant Christmas inflatables is that not only can you attract attention to your business or facility but they also truly stand out as huge festive decorations.

Some simple ideas on how you can decorate with large Christmas inflatables is setting them up next to your booth if you are at an exhibition. You can also hang them from a ceiling if you are in a convention center or displaying in a large auditorium. They are also commonly used in dinners, galas and even on stage for plays and concerts. You can attach them to the sides of buildings, the top of a building or you can set up a ground display in your parking lot or in front of your building or wherever you are hosting your event.

Outdoor Christmas Inflatables

Are you hosting a Christmas festival, party or outdoor event? Well, there are a variety of inflatable sizes for you to choose from. On the smaller end of things, we carry 6 foot inflatables of almost everything we manufacture. On the larger end you can choose from our 30 foot or 35 foot giant inflatables. Of course, there is a full range for you to choose from within those scopes. Also, we are capable or manufacturing inflatables in any desired size, so just let us know what you have in mind and we will make it for you.


This brings us to custom Christmas inflatables. Many times we receive requests for inflatables that are not in our inventory. They tend to be request of completely custom shapes that are not part of our conventional inventory. We are capable or manufacturing inflatables in any shape, size, color, or with any custom graphics you need. Add logos, images, or custom text to your inflatable. The turnaround time for a custom unit is 2-3 weeks. 

Cold Air vs Sealed Inflatables: Both types of inflatables are capable of being set up both indoor or outdoor for extended periods of time. A cold air inflatable is one which requires a constant blower system to sustain the inflatable and keep the shape in form and fully inflated. This model is cheaper because it requires less material than a sealed inflatable which requires double the amount of material since it needs a bladder system inside to inflate and seal off. A sealed inflatable uses an internal bladder system which is inflated once and doesn't capped off to prevent air from escaping. These are more common for museum displays or for events which require less noise. That being said, a blower system is better for large or open areas to dissipate the sound it emits, which is not much unless you are right next to the blower system. 

Christmas Inflatables for Sale

Spread the Holiday Cheer

With over 20 different Christmas themed inflatables to choose from, we make it easy to decorate your business or residence this holiday season. Our masterfully crafted inflatables are commercial grade and are meant to handle harsh weather. With our jolly Christmas characters, it’ll be easy to spread that holiday joy. 

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