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Inflatable Statues

Every major civilization has had one form of statue or another and they were often times the pinnacle of design and engineering. Most of the time statues were made to commemorate a leader, religious figure or deity they worshiped. These statues would often be made by commissioned artists, although it was usually very expensive and time consuming to create these incredibly detailed figures on such a large scale. 

In modern times, statues are used for a wide variety of reasons and they can be much more abstract or true to the shape of whatever it is they are resembling. Through modern technology you can have a very precise statue made of stone and it would probably look incredible. Here's a question though, why limit it to a stone monument? Yes, it may last forever but what if you could take your statue with you. With a custom inflatable shape we can manufacture a statue in the size of your choice and you can transport it anywhere for people to see. This opens up the use of a statue to concerts, museums, outdoor/indoor events, etc. 

Inflatable statues are great decorations that can add a lot of style to any venue. Once we are presented with an idea for a statue, we do our absolute best to bring it to life with extreme attention to detail. We have an incredibly talented team of graphic designers who focus on ensuring the images, patterns and textures printed on a giant inflatable are reflective of the original idea you presented us with. We also focus on creating inflatable shapes in a multitude of sizes for all events. As a matter of fact, you will find many in our inventory that are ready to ship today.

Custom Inflatable Statues

Even though we have an extensive inventory which is full of options in a variety of sizes, we are completely aware that sometimes a custom shape is a better option for special occasions. Marketing and advertising agencies use custom shapes for movie premieres, concerts, exhibitions, themed parties or any other indoor/outdoor campaign. 

Museums create custom statues of important figures in history such as presidents, writers, historical figures or even classic American characters. These statues are often displayed in the form of a bust or a complete figure. But why stop there? Giant inflatable figures can be displayed on campuses, lawns, entrances, gardens and a wide variety of other venues. You can install our statues on rooftops, hang them indoors or set them up on the ground.

Giant Inflatables for Sale

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