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Who We Are

promotional inflatables

What Makes Us Unique?

Our main distinction is our ability to design, create and develop custom inflatables that are unique in their own way but yet very powerful in the message they create. We continue to grow with the versatility of promotional products that we offer because we think outside of the box. 

We also offer Inflatable Rentals with the largest selection of themed inflatable props in the world. Rental Inflatables come in many different sizes from 5’ up to 54’in length. 

Our Vision & Our Mission

Creative Inflatables is well recognized as one of the top custom inflatable designers and manufacturers in the United States.  We are known worldwide for creating giant inflatables with impeccable detail. Since 1984 we have been enjoying a stellar reputation of providing quality advertising inflatables and promotional products and services to commercial, non-commercial, and non-profit agencies throughout the globe.  We invest exceptional quality, pride and care into every step of the production process, from concept to completion.


Inflatable Tents and Inflatable Domes have become extremely popular especially for mobile marketing and large advertising agencies. Typically the Inflatable Tents and Inflatable Dome Tents are branded with giant logos or are sometimes fully digitally printed with custom graphics for higher impact value. We offer structures that start from 15 feet in diameter up to as large as 50 feet in diameter. 

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Creative Inflatables  Gives   Back 

Pet Rescue Solutions works toward helping pets in need and finding them happy loving homes. Our faculty work hand in hand with pets to provide them the best care to get back on their feet. Many of the pets that we receive are former strays either left behind or have been lost for days. With a productive team P.R.S posts fliers hoping that they will be reunited their families.

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