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Giant Inflatable Dinosaurs

Inflatable dinosaurs are fun decorations for a multitude of public or private events. When do you want inflatable dinosaur replicas? There is no one answer. People love dinosaurs! Since 1993, after the release of a very iconic film, dino popularity has been on the rise. Our inflatable dinos are designed to look like some of the dinos you’re used to seeing in shows and films. Our fully digitally printed dinos are commercial grade and come in a variety of sizes. Impress your guests or attract attention with a huge Inflatable T-Rex on your rooftop. The possibilities are endless.

Outdoor Inflatable Dinosaurs

Out heavy duty inflatables are capable of withstanding harsh climates. This is because they are built with rugged materials that do not rip easily. On top of that, we apply a coating to seal the printed image on the inflatable. This is a proprietary coating that we have formulated for our particular print method. It prevents the image from scratching, fading and being exposed to U.V. light. The material we use is also waterproof and fire retardant so it can take on harsh weather conditions quite well. All of our inflatable dinosaurs can be used for indoor/outdoor situations. 

Quick and Simple Installation

Set up an inflatable dinosaur in a matter of minutes. Regardless of where you take it the installation will be easy. Larger inflatables, like the one in the video, might take a little more effort but it's nothing out of this world. After the unit is fully inflated focus on tethering so that it is secure. In case of high winds, we always recommend you take the inflatable down. The inflatable should be able to withstand 15-20 MPH of wind load. If winds exceed those speeds, then take the inflatable down to prevent it from ripping or flying away.  

Can I Rent an Inflatable Dinosaur?

The short answer is YES! As a matter of fact our entire inflatable inventory is available for rental. Our line up of realistic inflatable dinosaurs is highly requested and even though we have a large inventory of them we are always trying to fulfill demand. The different inflatable dinosaurs we manufacture are created with realistic textures and true to size shapes and proportions. They are great for decorating museums, exhibitions, and any other event that large scale event.

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