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Giant Inflatable Domes

Inflatable dome structures range in size from smaller units with simple designs to very large complicated structures. A smaller inflatable bubble dome is simple because it does not have to support too much weight. Instead it features a simpler body design that is very quick and easy to install. We call those spider dome tents because they feature a tubular array of legs that sustain the inflatable.

A larger inflatable can be either a baffled unit or one with tubular legs. These designs are more complicated because they account for the weight of the large structure a closely inspected design to ensure it is a safe structure. A baffled structure has more air channels within the structure and more support all around. They also create a smoother layout for certain shapes since it is a more detailed structure so we can shape it and form it into the shape of your choice. In this case, it is a giant dome with a nearly perfect rounded surface. 

Inflatable Spider Leg Domes

A tubular design has less structure points so it can still safely sustain a large structure but it's shape will not be as clean as a baffled one. Above you can see tubular structures and baffled structures and you can immediately tell the difference between them. Of course, if you have any more questions or need further clarification, fill out the form below and let us know. We will get back to you with an answer to your query as soon as humanly possible.

How To Set Up An Inflatable Dome

This giant inflatable dome is one of the many inflatable structures we manufacture for a variety of our clients. It features a baffled construction to be able to support the entirety of the structure. Such a large structure needs more attention to detail when we design it for it to maintain its structural integrity and look great when it is fully set up. 

Custom giant inflatable dome Night Walk

Inflatable Domes

Inflatable domes are large structures with a semicircular design that can be used at events, parties and other social gatherings. These structures are essentially hollow spheres that are cut in half. The experience inside a dome is similar to that of a large igloo, only not as chilly. In the past we have created multi-dome structures, single domes and half dome inflatables for our clients. Our inflatable domes can also be equipped with portable air conditioners for a more comfortable experience. 

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