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Giant Inflatable Tunnels

Inflatable tunnels have many use cases including entrance tunnels, carports and sports tunnels. These semi permanent structures can be transported to marketing events, parties, games, competitions and more. Also, because they are custom we can manufacture them as large as you need them to be. Looking to get custom printing to support your local high school football team? We can digitally print our tunnels with any colors or graphics that you want.

Giant tunnels are available in two different structural designs. The first and cheaper option is the tubular tunnel design. They are structures designed with simple pole structures that hold up the shape of the tunnel in place. They are a simpler design that consist of straight and simple curvatures to create a tunnel. On the other hand, there are also very complex designs such as the one below which is a baffled unit. Baffled inflatables are more detailed in shape to closely resemble or replicate an object on a large scale. The inflatable below is a viking ship with custom branding on the mast, front and sides of the ship. 

Custom inflatable football tunnel

How Much is an Inflatable Football Tunnel?

Custom inflatable football tunnels are a representation of your team before you arrive on the field. It represents your emblem or mascot. Because image is everything, we work diligently to create inflatables that are in line with your team's branding.

So, how much does it cost to create a unique inflatable tailored for your team? Well, it depends on how big and complex the design will be. Fill out the form below and provide as much details as possible and we will work with you vision to reality as accurately as possible. Prices start at $3500 for 10' tubular tunnels with printed logos.

Custom Inflatable Tunnels

While there are a variety of standard tunnel designs available to rent or purchase, we are also able to fully design and customize a tunnel in any shape, with any graphics or in any reasonable size. Our in-house design team works hand in hand with out manufacturing team. Everything we make is manufactured here in the U.S. and we do not outsource our inflatable structures. Because of this we are able to manufacture an inflatable within the span of 2-3 weeks if not faster (depending on how busy we are.) 

Durable and Long Lasting.

Tunnels are fun to drive through, or walk through in the case with our Inflatable Tunnels. These somewhat interactive inflatables can be used as temporary walkthroughs during construction, or they can be printed on the inside and used to transfer people from section to section at a museum or theme park. The best part is they are easy to use, as you can see in the video. It's easy to take anywhere, secure and leave up and running for days at a time. 

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