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Custom Inflatable Characters

Most companies have logos that represent their brand but many also carry a mascot or character. As with many characters, we rarely see them in a three-dimensional form, which is the precise reason our inflatable characters have such a huge impact. People love giant inflatable replicas and a mascot is no different. With a custom inflatable mascot, one can literally walk around the character, creating the perfect photo opportunity for increased web exposure as well. Our designers have the ability to create three-dimensional character mock-ups out of two-dimensional designs. This way, you can get a multi-perspective visual before ever committing to buy. 

We'll bring your mascot to life!!

Bring your mascot to life with our expert team and advanced technology. From initial 3D renderings to final production, we ensure every detail meets your vision. Our efficient turnaround times keep your projects on track, while our cutting-edge graphics and printing techniques guarantee a visually stunning and high-quality result. Trust us to make your mascot the highlight of any event

Free Renderings

Receive free 3D renderings of your 2D characters before production, ensuring you visualize and approve the design.

Quick Turnaround

2-3 Week turnaround times on most custom projects. Faster turnaround times are available for an additional rush fee.

Custom Designs

Our custom designs utilize the latest graphics and printing technology to deliver stunning and high-quality results.

Custom Character Designs

Our inflatable characters feature precise patterns and internal structures to maintain shape and airflow. Pricing is based on size, design intricacies, and the complexity of the model. Simple designs are more cost-effective, while intricate models, such as detailed mascots or complex shapes, may require additional investment. We ensure that every custom inflatable meets the highest quality standards, providing excellent value for your budget. For urgent projects, expedited production is available for an additional rush fee, allowing us to meet tight deadlines without compromising quality.

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