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Giant Inflatable characters

Most companies have logos that represent their brand but many also carry a mascot or character. As with many characters, we rarely see them in a three-dimensional form, which is the precise reason our inflatable characters have such a huge impact. People love giant versions of stuff and a mascot is no different. With a giant inflatable mascot, one can literally walk around the character, creating the perfect photo opportunity for increased web exposure as well. Our designers have the ability to create three-dimensional character mock-ups out of two-dimensional designs. This way, you can get a multi-perspective visual before ever committing to buy. 

Custom Inflatable character designs

Our inflatable characters are no joke. Fully designed using the latest in graphics and printing technology, our inflatable characters will knock your socks off. Whether you’re looking to get something complex like a hydra, or something similar to a retro video game character, we can do it. As a matter of fact, we can take 2D cartoons and create unique 3D models for your character of choice. Once we have created a full three dimensional model, we can manufacture it in the size of your choice. If you have your own model, we ask that you provide it from the start so we can work on it much faster. When we create a model, we then have to create precise patterns and internals for the inflatable to hold it's shape and have proper air flow. The entire manufacturing process takes us 2-3 weeks. This is also based on the size of the inflatable and the ultimate shape complexity. If you need an inflatable faster, we are more than capable of manufacturing it with a faster turnaround time but there is a rush fee since we already have projects in our queue.

Inflatable characters for Sale

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