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Inflatable Advertising Cans

Inflatable can replicas are one of our most popular inflatable model lines. Our inflatable cans are commercial grade and custom printed with any graphics of your choice. Beverage companies often purchase can replicas to promote their new products and usually display them at events where they provide free samples for potential customers. These large inflatable replicas are ideal for outdoor marketing events but they can also be used indoors at convention centers or even inside stores. We also manufacture giant models for storefronts or rooftops which are visible from up to 500ft! 

Custom Inflatable Cans

We are capable of manufacturing inflatable cans in many shapes and sizes. The most conventional shape is the simple 12oz. soda or beer can which is almost a universal design in the beverage industry. Lately though, there have been new models and designs in general. Tall boys, seltzers, energy drinks and even some one of a kind drinks come in an ever increasing variety of dimensions, ratios and sizes. We can manufacture huge replicas for all of them. 

This is because our team has manufactured over 50+ designs that we have replicated for clients. On top of that, we can take any new shape and recreate it. Since we begin every project from scratch, we have been able to focus on perfecting every aspect of the design/manufacturing process. We pay great attention to detail and survey all of our final products to ensure that they meet our quality control standards. We also test every inflatable before shipping it out and will provide you with pictures of the giant advertising can so that you can see them before we send it to you. 

When creating a large inflatable we focus on ensuring that the graphics will be sharp and clear. Most of the time we work with vectorized files provided by you, the client. Every so often, we receive request to manufacture inflatables with low fidelity imagery so we have to recreate it to make sure it doesn't look bad when printed at such a large scale.

Giant Inflatable Advertising Cans For Sale

Yes, we can!

Our Inflatable Can line is ideal for promoting new beverage products. Fully digitally printed, our can replicas can be printed to look exactly like your new product. We also offer a variety of sizes and can styles to choose from. We can manufacture them in a 6' - 50' size. Provide us with the desired artwork and let us know how big or small you need the inflatable  to be and we will do the rest. 

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