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Inflatable Structures

Inflatable structures are great for outdoor and indoor events. You can choose from many styles, which include: domes, tents, arches, misting stations, and tunnels. You can host events in a fun environment, with unique looks and we can manufacture any structure in the custom shape, size or color of your choice. 

They are used for festivals, concerts, exhibitions, parties and other events with large gatherings. For example, inflatable arches are used as entrances or as start/finish lines for marathons. Inflatable misting stations are a common sight at concerts to cool and refresh event goers. With an inflatable tent you could host large scale events within it, just as with a dome. Finally, inflatable tunnels are great for sports and as entrances to stadiums for soccer, basketball and football teams.

Custom Inflatable Structures

Custom inflatable entrance arches

Create a memorable 5k run  or entrance with a unique inflatable archway.

Custom inflatable football tunnels

We can customize a tunnel just the way you want. They are perfect for sports!

Inflatable Dome Tents for Outdoor Events

Use a dome structure to bring attention to your venue.

Custom inflatable tunnel tents with logos

Host parties, exhibitions and other large scale events in your tent.

Branded Inflatable Misting Station

Create a cool environment for your attendees or lure people in the hot heat with a misting station.

Make it your own

Creating a unique inflatable shape is very easy for us. We use advanced 3D modeling software to create unique shapes. With it, we map patterns, test simulations and create a layout for the artwork associated with each inflatable. We also use state-of-the-art machinery for precision cutting, printing and our production crew has an aggregate of 100+ years or work experience. With a 3D maquette, we bring the concept to reality as precisely as possible.  

We also customize inflatable structures in any way possible. This includes shape, size or color/imaging. We can create custom shapes in just about any size and add the necessary printing for it to fit your branding guidelines. Color coordinate it or match it to a unique color and print the graphics of your choice onto your unique structure. Below are some examples of previous we have worked on. 

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