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Custom Inflatable Character : BAYC

Updated: Mar 15

Giant Inflatable Ape for Apefest 2022

Giant Custom Inflatable Bored Ape
Giant Inflatable Bored Ape

Ape Fest is an annual event organized by the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) community to celebrate and showcase their love for the project. The event usually features art exhibitions, live performances, workshops, games, and other activities that bring together BAYC collectors and fans from around the world.

60 Foot Custom Inflatable
Custom Inflatable Bored Ape

One of the highlights of Ape Fest is the Giant Inflatable Ape, a 60-foot-long inflatable version of the BAYC mascot that serves as a display and photo opportunity for attendees. The Giant Inflatable Ape was placed in a prominent location in New York and is surrounded by other BAYC-themed decorations, merchandise, and artwork.

Custom Inflatable NFT
Custom Bored Ape Yacht Club Inflatable

The Giant Inflatable Ape has become a beloved symbol of the BAYC community and its creative spirit. It is often used as a prop for social media posts, memes, and other forms of online content, and it has helped to increase the visibility and popularity of the project.

Building a giant custom inflatable like this one takes a lot of time and incredible attention to detail to be able to recreate the client's specifications. Especially when the final product is created in such proportions. Let us know if you'd like to create your own inflatable and we will get back to you with quotes, ideas, a free rendering and we will be available to answer any of your questions. Click on the link to learn more about inflatable props or fill out the form below and we will respond to any inquiry.


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