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Giant Inflatable Fruits & Vegetables

One of the most common inflatable themes that run along our many inflatable replicas is foods and beverages. Amongst the food products we manufacture there are bottles, canisters, cans, cornucopias, and fruits and vegetables. Fruit replicas are used for advertising, marketing and as props for stages and event decorations. Our specialty is custom inflatables, which covers a broad scope of shapes, sizes and colors. We focus on being able to create very large inflatables with as much texture, shape and form as possible. Our inventory of fruits and vegetables is constantly growing and being developed by our in-house artist for you to either purchase or rent. 

Custom Inflatable Fruits

If there is a fruit that you would like to make that we do not have available, let us know and we will work with you to bring it to life, just the way you envision it. Not only that but sometimes there are variations of fruits that change the shape or color and since we are creating a generic portfolio we know that there are other options someone might be looking for. We can also add custom logos, branding and we could create custom presentations like the banana bunch in the images above. Our client liked the banana we made but they wanted to have a more realistic bunch so too a bunch and found a way to bundle it into the same unit. 

Also, while the fruits we have displayed here are more on the realistic side, we can make them more cartoonish or apply different textures to them. The sky is the limit and we will work with you to create what you are looking for.

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