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Custom Inflatable Advertising

Inflatable advertising offers large scale visibility with tried and true designs or customized shapes. Our inventory has over 1500 inflatables to choose from for either rental or purchase. It is very common to see inflatable tube men (fly guys, dancing inflatables, air dancers etc..) used for outdoor advertising but they are very generic and don't truly offer personalization options for brands. With a giant inflatable your brand can truly stand out whether it's in inflatable form or attached to an inflatable with a customized banner. 

We create custom inflatables for brands who want something unique for their advertising campaigns. For example, we worked with Nike on a Nike Go Logo. It was displayed in multiple locations where they tried an experimental marketing campaign. It served as an entrance sign for their event where they showcased their new shoes. The logo had to be consistent with their other marketing material and the colors and shapes had to be spot on in order to blend into their booth flawlessly. 


Conversely, if a custom inflatable is not for you, we also have a varied option of inflatables from our existing designs. They range in size from 6 foot to 30 foot and can be manufactured to specific sizes upon request. These general inflatables also range in topic from inflatable dinosaurs to christmas inflatables. Their use cases range from rooftop balloons to ground displays or they can be hung from a ceiling at almost any facility. It is also possible to customize them with printing directly on the inflatable or with an interchangeable banner. 

Inflatable Rooftop Balloons

Large inflatable balloons are often used on rooftops and are accompanied with an interchangeable banner to reflect a seasonal message. They are built with heavy duty materials and are perfectly capable of being installed during long periods of time. We offer a limited 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects and major fading on the balloons panels. You can leave it out for over a year and encounter little to no problems. With proper tethering the balloon will remain fixed to your roof without a problem but if winds exceed 12-15 MPH we recommend you take it down to prevent any damage to the balloon's tethering points. 

More than likely, rooftop balloons are often shaped like hot air balloons. The hot air balloon is a common design that we are accustomed to but we can manufacture balloons in just about any shape or size. Our inventory is full of great options other than just hot air balloon shapes like fruits and animals or cartoon designs of characters like Santa Claus or Dracula. We can also create custom shapes of product replicas for your own marketing purposes. 

Inflatable Advertising Balloons for Sale

Instant Advertising Balloons

Promote your brand or product with an instant inflatable. These inflatables offer an all in one package that requires very little assembly. Installations are easy and they require virtually no maintenance. How long does it take to install? 3 minutes or less, we promise!

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