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Giant Inflatables

We are one of a handful of companies in the U.S. that can truly manufacture Giant inflatables. The largest size most inflatable companies manufacture is roughly 15-20 feet on the longest edge. We know that sometimes a larger inflatable display might be better for professional events. Their large size is perfect for marketing since they amplify your brand presence and create photo ops for your event. 

Our inflatable inventory has a wide variety of inflatable categories ranging from themed Halloween inflatables and Giant Christmas inflatables to inflatable dinosaur replicas. We also manufacture large inflatable structures, movie screens, product replicas and even custom designs for those thinking outside the box. The wide range of inflatables in our inventory can all be upscale/downscale to a specific size.

A custom giant inflatable can be manufactured in a specified shape, dimensions and custom printed with graphics unique to your inflatable. We can also take existing designs and modify them in any way you need us to. A custom inflatable is in essence a blank canvas that we are here to build according to your needs. 

Why work with us?

So why would you have us manufacture your inflatable? Inflatables are our business and we have dedicated the last 36+ years to the creation of heavy duty inflatables in all shapes and sizes. During that time we have perfected the art of inflatable manufacture and have served over 50,000+ customers bring their ideas to life. This is something we take great pride in doing and we will provide you with the expertise our team has accumulated over the years. Every project is manufactured in-house at our facility in South El Monte, CA. 

The design process is exactly the same for individuals, mom and pop shops, marketing agencies, consultancy groups, PR reps and event planners. Our project managers are equipped with a full understanding of how inflatables are designed and manufactured and they will help you figure out what is possible for your particular project. Once they understand what your project will consist of, they will relay it to our design team. 

Then we will take your idea and model it in a 3D environment in order to create a mockup of what your project will look like. We offer free renderings to all of our clients and will also do revisions as necessary. Once we receive your stamp of approval we send it to our production team and they begin to select materials, cut patterns, print surface designs and assemble your inflatable. This process takes 2-3 weeks and depends on the scale and complexity of the inflatable. 

Of course, if you have any questions we will be more than happy to help. Just fill out the form below and provide us with as much info as possible. Then one of our project managers will get in touch with you within 1 business day or less. 

Giant Inflatables for Sale

Giant Christmas Inflatables

Our inflatable inventory has a range of sizes, styles and application specific options for you to choose from. We are sure that you will find the right Christmas Inflatable for the holiday season. Don't forget, we also customize inflatables and can create inflatables with specified dimensions, colors, themes and shapes. Just let us know what it is you with to bring to life. 

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