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Giant Inflatable Signs

Inflatable signs are the perfect way to display a logo, an image or general signage while on the go. Create a single or double sided inflatable sign to display a message with the world around you. In essence it is a giant inflatable billboard you can use for events, as a roadside sign or as a decoration. The best part of all is that it is a very easy to install wherever you take it and when you're done it rolls up into a bundle that fits perfectly into a special storage bag we will create for your particular inflatable. 

What are the different types of inflatable signs you can use as advertising displays? Logos, literal representations of signs (large replicas), characters with printed logos, two-sided signs and portable billboards. With a giant logo you can promote a brand or a marketing campaign that represents a company, much like the Nike GO logo below. Large inflatable sign replicas, like the huge stop sign, are also attractive as props for converts, huge events and even as photo-op props. You can also use a character like the Kia Hamster with the Kia logo below, which is a representation of a brand and because it falls in line with their marketing identity, it just works

Misting Stations With Signs

Inflatable signs can be embedded onto the inflatable of your choice. Take for example this misting station. It featured a protruded inflatable sign that spans across the structure. You can also add custom signs to other inflatable structures and tents. Or you can use a standalone sign to accompany your existing marketing material.

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