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Inflatable Race Arch

Updated: Oct 20

Method Race Wheels

In terms of the events that Method Wheels attends, they often participate in various automotive trade shows, exhibitions, and racing events. These events provide an excellent opportunity for the company to showcase their latest wheel designs, interact with customers, and network with other professionals in the automotive industry.

Some of the popular events that Method Wheels has participated in include the SEMA Show, which is the largest automotive trade show in the world, and the King of the Hammers off-road racing event, which is a popular event for off-road enthusiasts. Method Wheels has also sponsored various racing teams in different motorsports disciplines, such as rally racing, off-road racing, and drifting.

Inflatable Arch
Method Race Wheels Inflatable Arch

This inflatable arch is a large, branded inflatable structure that is often seen at their off-road racing events and other related promotions. It features the Method Wheels logo and is intended to draw attention to the brand and its products.

Custom Inflatable Race Arch at Event With Race Cars Coming Through
Custom Inflatable Race Arch

While the inflatable arch may not be a functional component of Method Wheels, its use in marketing demonstrates the brand's commitment to the off-road racing community and its understanding of the unique challenges faced by off-road racers. By aligning themselves with the sport and providing a recognizable and eye-catching presence at events, Method Wheels can help to build brand awareness and loyalty among racing enthusiasts.

Heavy Duty Inflatable Arch
Event Inflatable Arch

If you'd like to know more about inflatable arches, click on the link and see other examples of inflatable race arches we have manufactured for other use cases.

Giant Inflatable Arch At Event
Giant Inflatable Arch

Custom Inflatable Arch in a Race with a Car Flying Through it.
Custom Inflatable Arch


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