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Giant Inflatable Bottles

Our line of inflatable bottles include motor oil, cooking oil, champagne, wine, beer, and prescription medication bottles, to name a few. Of course, we are not limited to just these models since we are also able to create other bottle designs like baby formula bottles or milk jug replicas. We can also create custom bottle designs since not all bottles have the exact same specifications. Custom bottles are ideal for new products, but can also be used to advertise a location if it’s placed on the rooftop or somewhere highly visible.

Custom Inflatable bottles

Large bottles need detailed graphics in order for the replica to truly resemble the true version of the product. Our main focus is producing highly detailed prints so that the final product has crystal clear imagery that brings the replica to life. This is also achieved by using 3D rendering software to create perfect contours and to line up images side by side to create a seamless model. This all happens in-house and we take it very seriously. 

Custom designed bottles are easy for us to make since we manufacture everything from scratch. We build everything from the ground up to ensure that each model is 100% true to form. We also test everything before shipping it out to guarantee that when you open it and inflate it, it will function as expected, from the get go!

Again, no challenge is too difficult. We offer free 3D mockups for you to see the model of your bottle replica as we are designing it. If it doesn't meet your standards of how it should look, let us know and we will work on a second or third rendition until we get it right.

Advertising Inflatable Bottles for Sale

Promote your next product proudly.

Inflatable Bottle Replicas can increase sales through proper exposure. Exhibiting at a music festival or convention could expose your business to thousands of potential customers. On crowded show floors, you want to make sure you get noticed and having a huge inflatable bottle replica might help you get that extra bit of exposure. 

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