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Giant inflatable Animals

Our giant inflatable animal line is one of the most popular and expansive categories in our inventory. With a list of over 40+ animals in multiple sizes, styles and variations, we offer the largest selection of inflatable animals for you to choose from. Our realistic animal replicas are full of detail and look very realistic. Many companies in the inflatable industry create cartoonish animal inflatables, but we wanted to get away from that. Our realistic inflatables look far superior than most of the inflatable designs the industry currently creates. Our immersive inflatables provide a surreal image when inflated next to large buildings or in a large town square. We have many animals to choose from and In time we will continue expanding our list with new animals and models.

Realistic Animal Props

There has always been a great interest on behalf of our clients for inflatable animals. We have a huge catalog of them and this catalog extends even more because each individual animal is available in at least 2 different sizes and sometimes up to 5. The most common size ranges are from 6' to 50'. We can also make unique and custom sizes for anyone who is looking for a specific size. These inflatable props are used by museums, zoos and other hosts who showcase animal related exhibitions. For example, reptile shows love our realistic iguana and our inflatable dinosaurs. Animal rights activist love our inflatable sea animals like our sea turtle and whale. Vets and animal adoption centers use our cats and dogs to attract attention to their facilities.

You can also further customize an inflatable animal by printing a logo onto it or adding a banner with a message. Banners are the most common option but we can print directly onto the inflatable as we are manufacturing it. The way you implement a design on your animal prop is completely up to you. You can add a banner to your inflatable after you have received your inflatable but you cannot add a printed section to it unless you send it back so we can take it apart and then add a printed panel with a logo or image. 

Giant inflatable lobster on roof

Custom Inflatable Animals

Customized inflatable animals are also an option. For example, this lobster is 80' long and it is a completely new design outside of our general animal inflatable catalog. This client had the idea of placing this giant crustacean on the roof of their building and we had to figure out how to design it in a way that lined up with their vision. After we figured it out we focused intensively on manufacturing it. The design process and texture replication for it to look as real as possible took a while but in the end the customer was happy.  If you have an idea or a custom project you wish to bring to life, fill out the form below and we will respond with pricing, lead time and logistics planning for your project. 

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Animals are our friends.

Animals are beloved by many. It's hard to find people that don't like animals, which is why inflatable animals are so much fun! Animals are lovely, and they enrich our world. Some animals help us tremendously, such as pollinators like honeybees. Unfortunately, there are also animals that don't really help us out. So whether it's eating them, watching them in captivity, or frolicking on the grass at the park with them, humans just can't seem to get enough of animals. Inflatable animals are great choices when it comes to marketing, since so many different organizations use animal mascots for their branding. 

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