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Inflatable Arches: Polaris

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Inflatable arches like this custom arch for Polaris, spanning an impressive 40 feet wide and 20 feet tall, are a striking structure that merges promotional efficacy with high visual impact. Crafted with precision, it features Polaris's signature blue and prominently displays their logo on a white backdrop at the arch's crest, ensuring brand visibility from afar. Our dedication to creating such custom inflatables stems from our expertise in fabricating large-scale inflatable structures that not only capture a brand's essence but also ensure safety and durability through the use of heavy-duty materials.

Giant Inflatable Arch for Polaris
Custom Inflatable Arch: Polaris

In creating this monumental arch, color matching Polaris's blue and achieving an accurate representation of their logo were paramount. Our meticulous design process and manufacturing capabilities allowed us to meet these specific requirements, providing Polaris with a marketing beacon for their event entrance. Such inflatable arches are not just decorative elements; they serve as unmistakable landmarks for various events and can be utilized across a spectrum of activities.

Potential Use Cases for Custom Inflatable Arches:

  • Race Start/Finish Lines: Providing a grand and visible starting or finishing point for races of all kinds.

  • Event Entrances: Welcoming attendees to festivals, trade shows, and corporate events.

  • Product Launches: Creating a memorable entryway that aligns with new product branding.

  • Community Gatherings: Marking the gateway to fairs, parades, and local celebrations.

  • Sporting Events: Signaling team spirit and rallying fans at game day events.

  • Fundraisers: Drawing attention to charitable causes at fundraising activities.

  • Outdoor Advertising: Acting as an innovative, three-dimensional billboard.

This Polaris custom inflatable arch is a testament to our commitment to excellence, showcasing our ability to deliver on tight deadlines without compromising on quality or safety. It represents the scope of our work, from concept to deployment, ensuring each client's vision is rendered with the utmost fidelity. Whether for a one-time event or recurring usage, our inflatable arches stand as a testament to a brand's presence, inviting engagement and leaving a lasting impression.

Custom Inflatable Arch for Polaris
Custom Inflatable: Sealed Arch for Polaris


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