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Christmas Inflatable: Giant Gift Box

Updated: Jun 11

Take your holiday events a step further by incorporating our giant inflatable gift box. This large Christmas inflatable is designed to be placed in prominent locations such as rooftops or event entrances and even used as backdrops for photo opportunities. Starting at 10 feet tall, our inflatable gift box can be rented in various sizes, depending on the venue space available. To find out more on how you could benefit from one of our inflatables for rent or even our custom inflatables, read below.

Promote with an Inflatable Gift Box

The use of our massive inflatable Christmas rentals can be a strategic marketing tool for various businesses, such as local shops, malls, and car dealerships, especially during the festive season when consumer spending is at its peak. Here are some ideas of how you can use our inflatable gift box:

Local Business:

For a local business, placing a giant inflatable gift box nearby can transform the store into a local landmark and draw in foot traffic. It acts as an engaging visual advertisement that distinguishes the business from competitors, potentially increasing sales and customer interest. By associating their brand with festive cheer and generosity, the business can also enhance its community image attracting new clients who are drawn in by the eye-catching display.

Shopping Mall:

Shopping malls can leverage such inflatables to enhance their appeal as holiday shopping destinations. By installing a giant inflatable gift box or two, malls can create a festive atmosphere that encourages longer visits and repeat footfall, which is crucial during the competitive holiday season. The display can be used as a central feature for holiday promotions or events, driving traffic to surrounding stores and increasing overall dwell time as shoppers stop to take photos and participate in related festive activities.

Car Dealership:

Car dealerships can use the inflatable as a promotional gimmick to draw attention to holiday sales or special promotions. The festive decoration can also soften the commercial environment, making it more inviting and enjoyable for families and holiday shoppers. This strategy can effectively increase foot traffic and draw attention to specific vehicles or promotions, utilizing the holiday spirit to catalyze sales and enhance brand visibility in a community-focused manner.

Attracting Attention

The remarkable height and size of the inflatable gift box ensure visibility from multiple directions. Its towering presence can be seen from various points within a vicinity, making it an ideal landmark for those navigating towards the event. This visibility is not only practical in guiding attendees but also effective in capturing the curiosity of casual passersby who might be drawn to the spectacle. Overall, the giant inflatable rental serves not just as a decoration but as a multifaceted marketing tool, ultimately contributing to increased business activity during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year.

Customize Your Gift Box

Creative Inflatables offers extensive customization options when purchasing any our giant inflatables. Allowing each client to tailor their promotional tool to perfectly match their event's theme, branding, or personal taste. These customizations are for purchases only and not available for our rental services for the exception of removable custom banners. Here's a breakdown of the customization options available:

Color Customization:

Clients can choose from a wide range of colors to ensure their inflatable gift box aligns with their corporate colors or event theme. Whether you need a classic red and green for Christmas, a sleek black and silver for a corporate event, or vibrant shades to stand out at a festival, we can accommodate your specific color requirements.

Blue Inflatable Gift Box
Christmas Inflatable: Blue Gift Box

Logo Integration:

Adding a company or event logo to the inflatable gift box is a popular option for enhancing brand visibility. We can incorporate logos directly into the design, ensuring they are prominent and effectively communicate your brand to all attendees.

Removable Banners:

For businesses looking for a versatile promotional tool while renting, we offer the option of removable banners. These banners can be changed as needed for different events or promotions. This feature is especially useful for venues or organizations that host multiple events throughout the season, providing flexibility without the need for multiple inflatables.

Bow Types:

The bow on the gift box is another customizable feature. Clients can select from various styles and colors for the inflatable bow, whether they prefer something traditional and elegant or bold and modern. Each type of bow adds a different character to the inflatable, allowing for further personalization.

Size Variability:

While the standard inflatable gift box starts at 10 feet, sizes can be adjusted according to the client's specific needs. Whether you require a compact 6-foot model for indoor use or a towering 25-foot spectacle for a major outdoor event, we can scale the dimensions to meet your requirements. Larger sizes ensure maximum visibility and are ideal for attracting attention from a distance.

Complementary Christmas Inflatables

A way to enhance your massive inflatable gift box display is by adding complementary decorations like a giant inflatable Christmas tree and an oversized gift bow that can amplify the theme and visual appeal of any Christmas event. Positioning a towering 25 foot Christmas tree next to the 10 foot gift box creates a holiday scene. These complementary pieces work together to create a cohesive inflatable holiday display that captures the essence of Christmas and makes the event space more engaging and memorable for all attendees. Check out our video below to see all of our giant Christmas inflatables.


Our giant Christmas inflatables are designed with practicality and ease of use in mind, making them an ideal choice for a variety of settings and events. Primarily meant for ground mounting, these gift box inflatables can be quickly and effortlessly set up. This straightforward installation process is a significant advantage, especially during busy event setups or in retail environments where time and convenience are of the essence.

To accommodate different needs and preferences, we offer two types of inflation systems for our giant inflatables. The first option is the continuous air system, which involves a blower that remains attached to the inflatable and constantly pumps air into it. This system is particularly useful for displays or events where the inflatable needs to remain operational for short periods. Alternatively, where electricity access is limited, we provide a sealed air option. With this setup, the inflatable is filled once through a valve, after which it is sealed off. This method holds the air inside without the need for a continuous power supply, making it highly convenient and versatile.

Both options offer flexibility and convenience, allowing event planners, retailers, or marketers to choose the most suitable configuration based on their specific logistical needs and the nature of the event. Our inflatable gift boxes provide a reliable and visually appealing solution that is both easy to install and adaptable to various display requirements.

Made in the USA

Creative Inflatables takes pride in manufacturing its products entirely in the USA, a commitment that underscores the company's dedication to quality, reliability, and local economic support. By choosing to produce domestically, Creative Inflatables ensures that each inflatable meets high standards of craftsmanship and material excellence. Every material used is selected for durability and sustainability, ensuring that the inflatables not only look great but are also built to withstand various environmental conditions. By keeping production local, Creative Inflatables supports the American economy by creating jobs and fostering local industry.

Giant Inflatable Christmas Display
Christmas Inflatables Display

Utilizing a massive inflatable gift box for Christmas promotions offers numerous benefits that can dramatically enhance the visibility and success of any festive event or business. The sheer size and customization options of these inflatables guarantee attention from both near and far, making them excellent tools for drawing crowds and increasing foot traffic. Whether used alone or paired with complementary decorations like our giant Christmas trees or Santa inflatables, these inflatables serve as unique displays for any event or advertisement. Using massive inflatable gift boxes and other innovative event decorations is a powerful strategy for making a lasting impression on your audience.

For those looking to make their next Christmas event truly unforgettable, consider the impact a giant inflatable gift box could have. It’s not just a decoration; it's a statement. To secure an inflatable gift box rental for the holidays, it's essential to book months in advance due to high demand. Early reservation ensures you get the desired size, helping you avoid the last-minute rush and potential unavailability during the busy festive season. Contact us today to explore how our American-made, high-quality inflatables can transform your holiday promotions and help your business stand out this festive season.


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