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Christmas Inflatable: Ornaments

Updated: 4 days ago

Embrace the spirit of the holiday season with our giant inflatable Christmas ornaments. They are more than just decorations; they are a central feature for holiday celebrations, promotional events, and community gatherings. Our large Christmas inflatables and are a promising way to draw attention and become a topic of conversation among attendees. They are available for rent or purchase with customization options as well. Elevate your festive decor this year with one of our larger than life inflatable ornaments.

Giant Inflatable Christmas Ornaments
Giant Inflatable Ornament

Corporate Events

These large-scale ornaments create a festive and unforgettable atmosphere, making a bold statement that aligns with the company's brand identity. The visual impact not only captivates employees and clients but also significantly boosts the company's presence and image during such events. By incorporating company logos or specific themes into the decorations, businesses can enhance their corporate headquarters or branches with impressive and themed decor.

Retail Environments

In retail settings, our giant inflatables serve as powerful tools for attracting customers with their eye-catching designs. Positioned at storefronts or within shopping complexes, these decorations enhance the consumer experience by creating a festive environment, thereby promoting holiday sales. The visual appeal of these oversized decorations increases visibility and foot traffic, making them a smart investment for seasonal marketing campaigns aimed at drawing more customers into the store.

Public Spaces

For public spaces, these giant ornaments are perfect for decorating parks, squares, or community centers for holiday events. They not only beautify the area but also create excellent photo opportunities in public areas, which encourages social sharing and community involvement. The presence of such striking decorations fosters a sense of community and shared holiday spirit, inviting local residents and visitors alike to participate in the festive celebrations and activities.

Event Planners

For those planning events, our inflatables can be customized to reflect unique themes and colors, adding a personal touch to the décor. These giant ornaments add a festive atmosphere to private properties or rental venues, making any gathering memorable and visually stunning. The decorations provide a perfect backdrop for photos, which guests are likely to share on social media, thus extending your event to a broader audience online.

A display of christmas inflatables used for advertising
Giant Inflatable Christmas Display

Benefits of Using Giant Inflatables for Rent

The use of our inflatable ornament rentals results in creating an unforgettable atmosphere at any event for your guests, but providing a smooth and quick setup for you. This visual appeal is not only crucial for creating the right mood but also serves as an effective marketing tool. The ornaments increase visibility, drawing attention to the location and encouraging higher foot traffic, which is particularly beneficial during the competitive holiday season. Another benefit of renting one is that you do not have to commit to owning it and the care that comes with it. Before sending out our inflatables we inspect them to ensure they will work properly for you and have an easy setup. With renting, you also don't need to figure out storage solutions for them year round or worry about misplacing them amongst other seasonal decor. Watch the video below to see all of our Christmas inflatables available for rent.

Customization Features

Our giant inflatable Christmas ornaments offer customization options when committing to purchase to perfectly align with your branding and decorative needs. We understand that each client has unique requirements, which is why we provide a wide range of customization choices, including color changes, specific designs, and the addition of logos or advertisements directly on the ornament. Whether you are aiming to match your company colors or promote your brand in a big way, we can tailor every aspect of the ornament to meet your specifications. Additionally, if our standard sizes of 6 to 15 feet do not fit your space or vision, we are fully equipped to create custom sizes beyond 15 feet as well. This flexibility ensures that your holiday display will not only capture the essence of the season but also powerfully convey your brand’s message in a visually stunning manner.


A Merry Christmas Ornament

This impressive inflatable Christmas ornament is a perfect example of customization taken to the next level. Standing at 6 feet in height, this piece makes an ideal centerpiece for any holiday event or display. This customization incorporates a blend of traditional Christmas colors of red, gold, and green. The body of the ornament is designed with a detailed floral pattern, that stands out from a standard single-color ornament. On the front of the ornament is the greeting "Merry Christmas," written in a cursive font that adds classic holiday charm. It's not just visually appealing but also a clever tool for engaging with visitors, inviting them to take a moment to appreciate the message and the holiday season it celebrates.

Giant Custom Ornament Inflatable
Custom Inflatable: Gold Ornament

Materials and Durability

All of our giant inflatables are constructed from high-quality, weather-resistant materials designed to endure the elements, ensuring they remain as vibrant and captivating as the day they are installed. These materials are specifically chosen for their durability and ability to withstand various weather conditions, from rain to sunshine, making them ideal for outdoor displays throughout the holiday season. Additionally, the inflatables are designed for ease of use; they can be quickly inflated and deflated, facilitating efficient setup and teardown. This feature also makes storage simple and compact, preserving the ornament’s condition for future use.

Safety and Installation

Safety is paramount when it comes to large-scale decorations, and our inflatables are engineered with that in mind. Each ornament comes equipped with an anchoring system, ensuring that they stay securely in place even in windy conditions. The anchoring system is designed to be both strong and easy to use, preventing any shifting or tipping of the ornament. We also offer support and guidance on the best practices for installation to help maintain the integrity and beauty of your display throughout the season. These combined features ensure that our giant inflatable ornaments not only enhance your festive décor but also adhere to safety standards, providing peace of mind along with spectacular visuals.

Our giant inflatable ornaments are a great element to incorporate into your holiday display this season. From the traditional reds and greens to the custom colors and script messages, each inflatable is crafted to become the heart of your holiday display. These giant inflatables are more than decorations; they are an investment in creating a memorable holiday atmosphere – whether for a bustling retail environment, a corporate holiday party, or a community celebration, our giant inflatable Christmas ornaments are designed to deliver joy and a spectacular visual impact.

Contact us today to start designing your very own giant inflatable Christmas ornament. Whether you're looking to draw attention to your business, create a buzz in your community, or simply want to add that wow factor to your event, our team is here to bring your vision to life. Don't wait – the holidays are just around the corner. To ensure availability on a holiday inflatable rental, please contact us as soon as possible as quantities are limited. It's time to elevate your Christmas display; get in touch now and let's create some holiday magic together!


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