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Inflatable Rentals: Arches

Updated: Apr 11

Inflatable arches have transformed event entrances and celebrations, standing as vibrant heralds that not only welcome attendees but also set the tone for the event. These dynamic structures, with their commanding presence and ability to be seen from afar, act as the perfect backdrop for photo opportunities, creating memorable moments even before the event officially begins. Their versatility and visual appeal make them an indispensable element for any event planner looking to make a strong first impression.

We offer three specific types of inflatable arches for rent. Each stands out for their unique characteristics and adaptability to various event themes and settings. First, we have the classic blue round arch, a staple for its elegant simplicity and versatility. It's followed by the rainbow round arch, which adds a vibrant splash of color and joy to any entrance, embodying the celebratory spirit of festivals, pride events, and more. Lastly, our cornered arch with banner attachments offers a practical solution for events that require branding or personalized messages, allowing for seamless integration of sponsor logos or event-specific themes.

Each of these inflatable arches is designed with the event planner's needs in mind, from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of an event entrance to providing customizable options that align with the event's branding and messaging goals. Whether you're putting together a grand festival, a corporate function, or a community celebration, our inflatable arches are here to ensure your event makes a lasting impression from the very start.

The Blue Round Arch

The Blue Round Arch, standing at an impressive 26 feet with a simple semicircular design. It features a bright blue that is clear and easy to see from afar and it also has a set of d-ring attachments all along the arch so that a client can customize it with a banner. The visual appeal of this arch lies in its simplicity; it acts as a canvas for the event’s theme, complementing without overpowering the overall design.

Round Blue Arch
Blue Arch Rental

This arch finds its place across a diverse range of events and settings. Its design is makes it universal so it can easily be incorporated into any event ranging from a race, to a school event, to a corporate event. Additionally, it's equally at home at athletic events, such as marathons or cycling races, where its bright, royal blue color marks the start and finish lines with a clear vibrancy. Community events, including fairs and outdoor markets, also benefit from the arch’s welcoming presence, inviting attendees into a space of celebration and gathering. The Blue Round Arch’s broad applicability is further enhanced by its capacity to blend seamlessly into both urban and natural landscapes. Whether framing the entrance to a bustling convention center or standing against the backdrop of a scenic outdoor venue, this arch remains a steadfast choice for event planners seeking a blend of elegance, functionality, and universal appeal.

The Rainbow Round Arch

The Rainbow Round Arch, standing an impressive 24 feet wide, is a celebration of color and vitality, making it an eye-catching centerpiece for any event. Its spectrum of vibrant colors serves not just as a striking visual feature, but also as a beacon of festivity and fun. Perfect for drawing attendees into the heart of your event, this arch is designed to set a joyful and welcoming tone.

This multicolored marvel is particularly effective for events aiming to infuse their space with energy and a spirit of celebration. From the starting line of community races to the entrance of large festivals or even private celebrations, the Rainbow Round Arch transforms any setting into a place of happiness and lively interaction. Its ability to match various event themes with its colorful presence ensures that every occasion feels a bit more special and memorable. Whether enhancing a public square or decorating an event venue, this arch promises to create vibrant scenes and photo-worthy moments.

26 Foot Inflatable Arch
Inflatable Rainbow Arch Rental

The Cornered Arch with Attachments for Banners

The Cornered Arch with Attachments for Banners stands at an impressive 30 feet, its distinctive shape offering a modern twist on traditional arch designs. With its sleek lines and the ability to attach banners, this arch is a versatile choice for events seeking both style and functionality. The velcro attachments on each leg of the arch allow for easy customization, making it possible to feature event-specific branding, sponsor logos, or welcoming messages at a variety of gatherings. This type of arch is particularly effective in corporate settings, where a company can highlight its brand identity at product launches, company celebrations, or outdoor meetings. It also shines at sports events, marking the start or finish line with the energy and excitement that only custom branding can provide. The added ability to quickly swap banners offers event organizers the flexibility to repurpose the arch for multiple events, maximizing their investment.

Customize this Arch With Banners
Customizable Banner Arch for Rent

The banners on the top tube, saying start/finish, are also interchangeable. Whether it's the central feature at a community 5k run, standing tall at a corporate function, or cheering on participants at a charity race, the cornered arch with banner attachments delivers not just as a marker, but as a beacon of the event's purpose. Its presence commands attention, guiding attendees and participants alike, while the banners convey key messages, ensuring the event's branding is seen and remembered.

Customization for Purchase

Custom inflatable arches for purchase offer clients the space brand storytelling and event theming. Our design team collaborates closely with clients to transform ideas into vivid, fully branded arches, complete with logos and custom color schemes. We focus on material quality and design details to ensure the inflatable arch stands out and resonates with the event's audience. With 3D mockups and expert consultations, we guarantee a final product that not only meets but elevates the client's promotional vision.

Renting an inflatable arch merges cost-effectiveness with visual spectacle, offering a straightforward setup to transform any event space. Choosing the perfect arch requires thoughtful consideration of the event's theme, available space, and intended audience to ensure a seamless fit. Although rental options are typically more basic, the potential for customization remains, as they can be personalized with custom banners that carry your brand's message or event's theme. Our guidance ensures your inflatable arch rental not only fits the logistical demands but also carries the visual punch needed for a memorable event.

Following the streamlined rental process, our inflatable arches bring a distinctive presence to your event, combining convenience with impactful branding opportunities. If you're looking to craft a more personalized experience, our custom purchase option translates your vision into a tangible, branded structure that captures your audience's attention. Each arch is meticulously designed to align with your event's narrative, ensuring your message is not only seen but felt. Whether it's adding flair to a community gathering or providing a grand entryway for a corporate celebration, we're dedicated to realizing an inflatable that perfectly fits your event's scope and scale. Connect with us to further discuss how an inflatable arch can make your next occasion a memorable spectacle.


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