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Giant Inflatable Ice Cream Cone

Updated: Mar 15

Ice cream was originally invented in China where they used to make a sweet rice milk drink and they mixed it into snow to freeze the drink. Imagine living back then and being introduced to ice cream! Today one of the most popular flavors is without a doubt, vanilla ice cream. This creamy frozen sugar is now one of the world's most popular desserts, thanks to Marco Polo who introduced it to Italy.

Giant Inflatable Ice Cream Cone
Giant Inflatable Ice Cream Cones

It was during the great migration of Europe to the U.S. that Italy brought about Gelato and it became an instant favorite amongst everyone in the states. Today, ice cream can be found just about anywhere, thanks to refrigeration. This inflatable ice cream cone replica is available in multiple sizes for marketing purposes or as a prop for a stage, anything really. This inflatable is available in five different stock sizes but can be customized to a specific size.


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