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Giant Inflatable Earth Globe

Updated: Mar 27

This beautiful tiny blue planet is our home, and it's our responsibility to teach every human being to take care of their home. Sometimes, people forget that this is our only planet, so we've made some inflatable Earth replicas to show people that this pale blue dot (in the cosmic sense) is worth fighting for.

15ft Giant Inflatable Earth Globe
Inflatable Planets: 15-Foot Earth

Ideal for educational purposes, our Inflatable Earth Globe is digitally printed with stunning detail. We also have different versions of our Earth globe, such as one with clouds and one without.

These globes are also available in two different inflation options, which are continuous and self-contained. The continuous blower (cold air) model requires an electric inflator to continuously keep running in order to keep it inflated, whereas the self-contained (airtight/sealed) model only requires initial inflation, and then a valve is closed off, keeping the air pressure within the globe without any continuous inflation. Commercial grade. Made in the USA.


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