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Giant Inflatable Aliens

Updated: Jun 4

Giant inflatable aliens are unique and eye-catching additions to any event. Designed to capture attention and spark curiosity, these inflatables stand out with their whimsical and engaging appearances. Perfect for drawing crowds and adding fun elements, these aliens serve as ideal pieces for various occasions. Available for both purchase and rental, they offer flexible options to enhance your retail promotions, grand openings, and special events.

Design and Features

Our giant inflatable aliens are designed to captivate with their vibrant and playful appearances. The first alien features a bright green body, a friendly expression with a single large eye, antennae, and an adorable space suit. This inflatable character's outstretched arms welcome guests and make it a hit at any event. The second alien, designed for promotional purposes, features a large cylindrical base for attaching banners. This alien has multiple eyes and a long, protruding tongue, making it a quirky and engaging attraction.

Standing Inflatable Alien

Our first giant inflatable alien boasts a bright green body, a welcoming expression with a single large eye, antennae, and a colorful space suit complete with boots and gloves. This playful design grabs attention and invites interaction, making it a standout at any event. It can reach up to 20 feet in height, ensuring it is visible from a distance and acts as a focal point.

Inflatable Alien with Tube Banner

The second inflatable alien is specifically designed for promotional purposes. It features a large cylindrical base perfect for attaching banners with custom messages, logos, or event information. This alien is vibrant green with multiple eyes and a long, protruding tongue, adding a whimsical and quirky touch that draws attention and engages attendees.

Durability and Stability

Both inflatables are constructed from high-quality, durable materials designed to withstand various weather conditions. The fabric is tough, UV-resistant, and maintains its vibrant colors over time. Reinforced seams and a robust anchoring system ensure stability, keeping the inflatables securely in place, even in outdoor settings.

Customization Options 

Our inflatables can be customized to fit specific event needs. Adjust colors to match your brand or event theme, add logos and text for branding, or resize the inflatables for different venues. The promotional alien's banner space allows for further customization with event information or branding messages.

Rental Options and Benefits

Our giant inflatable aliens are available for both purchase and rental, offering several advantages. Renting is a cost-effective solution for one-time events or occasional use, allowing you to enjoy the visual impact without a significant upfront investment. It provides flexibility to rent for the exact duration needed, whether it's a single-day event or a longer festival. Additionally, renting eliminates maintenance hassles as we handle storage, maintenance, and repairs. Our rental inventory is ready for immediate use, complete with easy setup instructions and support.

Versatile Applications

Our giant inflatable aliens are versatile decorations perfect for a variety of events. They serve as eye-catching landmarks at outdoor festivals and fairs, adding a fun element to the event. For brand promotions, these inflatables enhance visibility and engagement, making them ideal for drawing attention to your booth or display. Additionally, they excel as stage and event decorations, creating an immersive visual experience that captivates audiences at concerts, private parties, and community gatherings. Other suitable applications include:

  • Events: Our giant inflatable aliens are perfect for various events, adding a unique and captivating visual element that enhances any setting. They increase foot traffic and customer engagement with striking displays at retail promotions, stand out at festivals and fairs by drawing crowds and creating a fun atmosphere, and enhance the visual experience at concerts and stage shows. Additionally, they add a whimsical touch that delights guests of all ages at private parties and community gatherings.

  • Retail Promotions: Boost foot traffic and customer engagement with our striking giant inflatable aliens. Perfect for grand openings, sales, and special events, these vibrant displays capture attention, enhance your retail space, and encourage social media sharing. Customizable with your branding, they amplify your marketing reach and align with your goals.

Giant inflatable aliens enhance events with their vibrant designs, captivating audiences and creating a fun atmosphere. Whether it's a festival, corporate promotion, or private party, these inflatables elevate your event and draw more attention. Contact us today for inquiries and rentals, and let us help make your next event unforgettable with our high-quality inflatables.


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