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Halloween Inflatables: Scary Clown

Updated: Oct 20

Giant Halloween Inflatables are some of our favorite to manufacture. All year long we spend a lot of time creating fun, cute and bubbly inflatable figures but when halloween comes around we can play with scarier designs. We love halloween inflatables and always have a blast coming up with new ones. This scary clown is one of the newer ones that we added to our library of halloween inflatables.This exquisitely detailed evil clown inflatable is a great prop to display at any Halloween store or theme park. Designed to look terrifying, this clown would make an excellent addition to a Haunted House attraction. If you don't need it year round, you can also rent this model from us for the Halloween season only.

We have over 12 halloween inflatable models and we always want to create more for people to either purchase or rent. Every inflatable we manufacture is made with heavy duty materials. We know that the big box stores sell inflatables with one thing in mind, mass production at the cheapest cost. It is because of this that what you get is a subpar product that will either fade, tear or completely stop working within 3 months or less. Of course, if you take good care of it then you will know it can last a long time. As for us and our products, we are so confident in the quality that we provide a 1 year limited warranty.

Scary Clown Inflatable
Giant Halloween Inflatable: Scary Clown

What does a 1 year manufacturer's warranty cover? Well, it protects against manufacturing defects or fading of the artwork on the inflatable. If the sewing rips or comes apart, if the blower system stops working or if it doesn't inflate properly, we will take it back and work on it until it is functional again. This doesn't include mishandling or exposing the inflatable to rough weather conditions by the user. If you damage it, we can fix it but it will not be covered under warranty.

Scary Clown Inflatable - Close Up to Face
Halloween Inflatables: Scary Clown

The nice thing about these large inflatables is that they are built with premium high grade materials. They receive the utmost care in printing and then they are coated with our proprietary coating to prevent the ink from scratching, fading or peeling. The seams are sewn with a high grade stitching yarn that will hold the material together as best as possible. On top of this, the inflatables have several anchoring points to secure them with the included rope. The final product is an inflatable that can be used and reused for years on end. Some of the inflatables we offer for rentals have been in our inventory for 10+ years!


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