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Inflatable Hot Air Balloon Shape

Updated: Mar 15

Our Inflatable Hot Air Balloons are designed to look like real hot air balloons, only ours don't fly away. These Hot Air Balloon Shape inflatables come in a variety of sizes and color combinations as well. Need one custom printed? Well, we can definitely do that too. Just contact us about doing a custom branded hot air balloon shapes and our team will help you out.

Inflatable hot air balloon shape
Inflatable Advertising Balloon

These hot air balloon shaped inflatables are engineered to attract attention, and when placed on rooftops, these can really stick out like sore thumbs. Designed for parapet clearance, the bases of these hot air balloon shape inflatables are specifically manufactured to raise the "good stuff" of the inflatable containing banners or art, thus maximizing visibility. Made in the USA.

Patriotic Inflatables: Hot Air Balloon

Show off your patriotism with a star spangled Red, White, and Blue Hot Air Balloon that looks just like the American flag. These inflatable advertising balloons (also commonly called "rooftop balloons") are ideal for setting up on rooftops.

25 ft. Inflatable patriotic hot air balloon shape

The base of the inflatable provides roof parapet clearance, so the "good stuff" is nice and visible up on top. There is also a space on the balloon that is designated for a banner, which we can be custom printed, or you can choose from one of our stock banners that feature messages like, "SALE" or "CLEARANCE." Our Red, White, and Blue HABS (Hot Air Balloon Shape) is available for rental or purchase. Subject to availability. Contact us for more information.

Inflatable Rentals: Hot Air Balloons Advertising Banners

Giant inflatable hot air balloon with sale banner

Giant inflatable patriotic balloon for sale or rent

Hot air balloons are probably the most utilized props during sales events. With their combination of colors and their magnitude they are great attention grabbers. Adding a banner with the word sale at any angle on the surface of this inflatable not only advises others on the big savings but it also allows for multiple other uses. The best part of renting one of these inflatables from us is the fact that you can always display a different one as opposed to having the same one up each week, month or year. A custom removable banner can also be replaced whenever you have a new sale or deal that you need to promote.

Renting an inflatable prop from us is probably the most convenient route you can take because we are very easy to work with. Our quality shows not only in our product but also in our customer service. If you’re in southern California we will do our best to personally deliver and install the inflatable ourselves. Our installation crew mainly services the Greater Los Angeles Area but we can also ship inflatables anywhere nationwide.


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