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Where Can I Buy Inflatable Arch?

Updated: Mar 15

At Creative Inflatables we have the ability to create arches in many shapes and sizes for a variety of use cases. We are the direct manufacturer of our inflatable arches. They are all manufactured in the U.S. and we sell directly to our clients. Whether you are a mom and pop shop or a multinational, we will provide you with the same service we would offer to anyone. Also, we not only manufacture inflatable arches for our customers but we also rent them for 5k marathons, entryways and other event specific needs.

So, anyone can buy them, right? Yep! We will manufacture an inflatable arch for anyone who is looking to purchase or rent. A question we answer quite a lot is, "how much do inflatable arches cost?" Well, price is based on a couple of factors that go into pricing them.

  • How big is the inflatable going to be?

  • Is there an immediate turnaround time?

  • Will is be solid color or custom printed?

  • Is it a standard shape or a custom shape?

  • Will it to be a standard size or a custom size?

  • Will you need a custom banner on your arch?

  • Will there be a misting system attached to it? (Yeah, we can do that if necessary!)

Of course we offer standard pricing on standard shapes and sizes. Give us a call or email us an we will provide you with pricing on the standard shapes and sizes. If you have a custom project in mind, go over those questions with one of our project managers and we will be able to zone in on price and point out how we got there.

Branded inflatable arch Russ Brown

Another very common question from our clients is, "how long does a balloon arch stay inflated." This is a very easy answer! They are connected to a continuous blower system that keep them inflated as long as it is connected. We do not really recommend opting for an airtight inflatable arch since it is a structure that people will be walking through. Also, standalone systems with an airtight bladder are heavier, more expensive and slightly more difficult to manage.

Another very common question is, "how do you keep an arch inflatable decorations standing?"

Once the inflatable is installed, as shown in the video above, it is anchored and secured so that it stays put and so that the doesn't waver. What you want the end result to be is a sturdy and properly secured structure. This will help it keep its shape and resist normal wind speeds. Of course, if weather conditions get out of hand at your installation site, be sure to deflate the inflatable to prevent it from being damaged or possibly injuring someone.

If you have any further questions, let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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