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Where Can I Buy Halloween Inflatables?

Updated: Jun 11

Looking to add a giant Halloween inflatable to your collection? We offer a wide variety of them in various sizes and designs. They are available for purchase through us and are perfect for your fall gatherings, haunted houses, and other spooky-themed events. There are many ways you can utilize them to help promote your business or occasion and bring in foot traffic. Finding the perfect display for your needs couldn’t be easier. 

Our Giant Halloween Inflatables 

Our catalog is one of the biggest in the industry and it is still growing! From classic monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein to cute bats and friendly ghosts. We have something for every kind of occasion available for purchase or rent. Here is a list of our giant Halloween inflatables: 

Friendly Ghost

Our 12 foot inflatable ghost can be used effectively to create a haunted ambiance. This ghost could be placed along misty walkways or near fog machines to enhance a floating effect, making it perfect for ghost tours or night-time garden parties. Alternatively, setting up a ghost in a children’s play area, where it gently "haunts" with soft lights can add fun without too much fright. 

Giant Inflatable Ghost
Giant Halloween Inflatables: Ghost

Realistic Werewolf

The werewolf inflatable is a figure best suited for thrilling, action-packed events. Consider using the werewolf near the entrance of escape rooms or adventure trails, setting the stage for a monster hunt or survival story theme. For an added thrill, coordinate with sound effects of growls and howls as visitors approach, enhancing the werewolf's wild and untamed nature. 

Giant Inflatable Werewolf
Giant Halloween inflatables: Werewolf

Great Pumpkins

Our large pumpkin inflatable comes in a realistic and Jack-O-Lantern version. They can be used as markers for pumpkin carving contests and other festive activities. For evening events, internal lighting can turn these pumpkins into glowing markers for key locations. Beyond Halloween, our pumpkin displays can be repurposed for Thanksgiving. 

Green Witch

The Halloween witch inflatable can anchor a witch-themed area where stories of folklore are told, or where magic shows are performed. It’s also perfect for potion-mixing booths where kids or adults can create their own brews. Placing our witch at the entrance with a cauldron and smoke effects can welcome guests with a mysterious and enchanting greeting. 

Inflatable Witch with Cauldron
Giant Halloween Inflatables: Witch

Giant Spider

This realistic spider is excellent for delivering unexpected scares. This spider can be hung from ceiling spaces above the dance floor or main gathering area. It's also a great addition to obstacle courses or mazes, adding a layer of creepy-crawly fun. 

Giant Inflatable Spider
Giant Halloween Inflatables: Spider

Cute Bat

With its charming and less menacing appearance, this cute inflatable Halloween bat is great for daytime events and younger crowds. It can be suspended to simulate flying across areas where children gather, creating a whimsical, enchanted forest vibe. This cute bat also works well as a welcoming figure at the entrance of family-friendly gatherings, setting a friendly tone. 

Giant Inflatable Bat
Giant Halloween Inflatables: Bat

Creepy Clown

A particularly spooky one, the realistic inflatable clown is perfect for adult-themed parties or haunted attractions. It can be the main scare factor in a circus-themed haunted house, placed unexpectedly or presiding over creepy carnival games. Its detailed design makes it a chilling centerpiece that’s bound to linger in guests’ memories. 

Giant Inflatable Scary Clown
Giant Halloween Inflatables: Scary Clown

Classic Vampire

This larger than life vampire has a classic charm, making it perfect for Halloween events or vampire-themed parties. Dracula can be used to create an old-world Transylvania setting offering guests an immersive experience into the world of the night creatures. 

Giant Inflatable Dracula
Giant Halloween Inflatables: Count Dracula

Frankentstein's Monster

Another one of our classic Halloween inflatables is Frankenstein, making him ideal for events that nod to classic horror. It could serve as the central piece in a "Mad Scientist" lab, where guests could engage in an interactive haunted maze. Its large, friendly, yet slightly imposing appearance makes it suitable for all ages, providing photo opportunities that guests will cherish and share. 


Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper can be a dramatic ending for haunted trails or as a gatekeeper at the exit of a maze, symbolizing the "survival" of the fittest. Its imposing presence is ideal for photo opportunities, especially in dimly lit areas that enhance its silhouette, making every photograph with it a haunting keepsake. 

15 Foot Inflatable Grim Reaper
Giant Halloween Inflatables: Grim Reaper

Purchasing giant Halloween inflatables is an investment for event planners and businesses looking to create memories year after year. They offer several advantages in terms of durability, ease of storage, and versatility, making them excellent recurring features. Investing in one can be more cost-effective over time and build a recognizable and exciting tradition. 

Halloween Inflatable Rentals 

Our rental service offers an accessible and convenient solution for those looking to enhance their Halloween festivities without the commitment of a purchase. Renting is a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing, significantly reducing the cost of decorating while still delivering high impact. This approach not only saves money but also alleviates storage and maintenance concerns, making it a practical choice for annual events. Whether you need an inflatable for a single night, a weekend, or an entire week leading up to all hallows eve, we can accommodate your schedule. 

Removable Banners 

Integrating removable banners provides an additional layer of functionality. These banners can display welcome messages, event schedules, sponsor logos, or promotional offers that might change. The ease of interchangeable banners makes inflatables adaptable for you throughout the year. 

Branding and Customization 

Custom giant inflatables offer a significant opportunity for our clients to enhance their visibility and engagement with attendees while reinforcing brand identity. These custom displays can be tailored to precisely match corporate colors, mimic a company's logo, or incorporate mascots and characters that resonate with the brand’s identity.  


Are you ready to take your celebration to new heights? Don't wait! Purchasing a giant Halloween inflatable from us is a seamless process designed for your convenience. Visit our website and explore our diverse selection of designs. After you've made your choice, fill out the contact form on our page, and we'll promptly get back to you with a personalized quote and estimated turnaround time. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large community festival, our products are designed to draw in guests of all ages. Start planning today and ensure your all hallows eve is not just another party but a celebration that will be talked about for years to come. Let's make this Halloween truly magical!


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