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What is an Interactive Inflatable

Updated: Mar 15

Most of the time inflatables are single items that are basically props that are used as standalone decorations or complimentary pieces to a stage or venue. An interactive inflatable is an inflatable item that people can play with, use or participate in. For example there are inflatable soccer goal post, inflatable basketball hoops and inflatable ring toss games like the one in the video below.

In the video below, you can see an example of a basketball hoop on an inflatable frame that holds it together. This client wanted to be able to take their hoop system on the go and they opted for this inflatable frame that hoisted their inflatable hoops.

Another inflatable that comes to mind with interactive inflatables is a slide or a jumper but we do not manufacture those. We are more oriented towards the advertising and replica side of things and avoid manufacturing those inflatables, slides and jumpers, in particular.

If you want to create a custom inflatable, let us know, we can manufacture it for you and you can see examples of them if you follow the blue link.


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