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Inflatable Yerba Mate Can Replica

Updated: Jun 7

Yerba Mate has been on an uptrend in popularity for the last couple of years. The tea originates in South America and is a common beverage in everyday households as an alternative to other caffeinated drinks. It's has also taken the U.S. by storm for the exact same reason.

The most common presentation is a canned drink with either a flavoring mixed into the herbal infusion. This particular brand offers a couple of variations but they were marketing this particular flavor because it was a new variation.

Inflatable Yerba Mate Can Replica
Custom Inflatables: Yachak Yerba Mate

For us, being able to create an inflatable can replica, is very easy at this point. The shape is almost the exact same every time, it's just a matter of changing the final proportions for certain sizes. The colorful graphics are what make the brand stand out. They are not only bright and beautiful but they are also very detailed and they have a lot going on in the artwork. When we print it we will work diligently to make sure the final product replica is nice and sharp. We have to make sure the colors are spot on, the image is clear and the brand is represented properly.

If you want to see more examples of inflatable cans, follow the blue link and take a look at some images and find out more about what goes into replicating them on a large scale.

Giant Inflatable Yerba Mate Can Replica
Giant Inflatable Yerba Mate Cans


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