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Inflatable Rentals: Christmas Inflatables

Updated: 4 days ago

As the holiday season rolls in, the festive mood starts to light up the atmosphere, and nothing says "deck the halls" like giant Christmas inflatables. These decorations have become a hit, popping up outside of businesses, on office buildings, and at school and community gatherings everywhere. Whether you're looking to go big with a 25 foot inflatable Santa Claus or just add a touch of holiday spirit with a cute inflatable snowman, there’s a wide range of them available for rent. If you're thinking about stepping up your decor this year, checking out the different giant Christmas inflatables you can rent is a great place to start.

Inflatable Rudolph
Giant Christmas Inflatables

Our Festive Inflatable Collection

Get ready for the season with our great selection of holiday inflatables. We have something to brighten any space, whether it is a corporate office building or outside of a mall or business. Add your own special advertisement to them with a custom removable banner that can be interchangeable for events. Take a look at our range of options below:

Santa Claus

Our Santa Claus inflatables come in various styles, including realistic, cartoonish, and inside of a chimney. They are available in multiple sizes with different pricing options to fit your budget. They are perfect for attracting attention at retail promotions or community events, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Toy Soldier

Available in striking blue or red uniforms, these toy soldier inflatables can come with either long or standard legs. Place them guarding the entrance to create a grand gateway or combine them with other inflatables to create a festive scene.


This beloved red-nosed reindeer inflatable makes a charming addition to any holiday display. Position Rudolph at the forefront of a scene or place him near the entrance to greet visitors.


Our giant snowman inflatables are great for outdoor placement, adding a fun element to winter landscapes, perfect for community winter festivals, and markets, or as a cheerful addition to any car dealership.

Christmas Stockings

Giant inflatable stockings come in various sizes. They integrate well into larger settings, adding a personalized touch,h and are ideal for personalized corporate parties, community centers, or family-oriented events, bringing a sense of tradition and warmth.

Gift Box

The gift box inflatable comes in two main colors, red and blue. They are also available in different sizes as well. These can be strategically placed and paired with others for an impressive display, ideal for shopping malls, storefront decorations, or as eye-catching centerpieces in large venues.

Giant Red Bow

Large, decorative gift bow inflatables are ideal for dressing up storefronts or large venues and often come with customization options. Their dramatic flair makes them suitable for grand openings during the winter season or as a festive backdrop in commercial settings.

Christmas Tree

The giant inflatable Christmas tree ranges with size variations that fit different display locations perfectly. These are ideal for main attractions in large halls, event centers, or even outdoor parks, serving as magnificent focal points for the season’s gatherings.


The assortment of giant inflatable ornaments allows for creative thematic displays. These ornaments add depth and interest to any festive setup and are excellent for decorating during community events, corporate parties, or in public plazas.

Candy Cane

Our candy cane inflatables are available in a classic and novelty design, perfect for creating pathways or framing entryways to welcome guests. They're a charming addition to any festive event, from home decorating to public markets, guiding guests along the route.

Noel Candle

Giant inflatable candles offer elegant designs that are suitable for both daytime and nighttime displays, along with necessary safety tips and electrical requirements. These candle replicas work well in elegant event settings, like evening holiday galas or nighttime market paths, adding a soft, warm glow.

Christmas Wreaths

Our inflatable wreaths are suited for large-scale decorations and come with tips on how to hang and secure them against the wind, ensuring they stay put throughout the season. These are perfect for large buildings, such as shopping centers or town halls, where they can display an inviting and festive entrance.

Planning and Arrangement

Choosing the right holiday inflatable rentals for your space and theme is crucial to creating a visually appealing display. When it comes to layout, placement is key for maximum impact. Here are some examples of how you can dress up your venue and also use the displays to create a theme.

  • Frame Your Entrance: Creating a grand entrance sets the tone for any event. Use inflatables such as towering Christmas trees, toy soldiers, or glowing candles to frame your entryway. This arrangement welcomes guests with a festive flair and makes a striking first impression.

  • Inflatable Festive Display: Dedicate a central area for a creative display featuring a variety of inflatables. For instance, you could group Santa Claus, Rudolph, and a snowman to depict a classic scene. 

  • Line the Walkway: Enhance the path leading to your event or building by lining the walkway with themed inflatables. Candy canes or ornaments can mark the route, providing a magical walk-through experience for visitors.

  • Theme Throughout the Venues: Adopting a consistent theme across all decorations can unify the space and amplify the festive atmosphere.

  • Elegant Theme: Looking for a more elegant theme? Combine certain inflatables that bring a more classic tone. Our wreaths, ornaments, candles, and nutcrackers can transform your venue into a winter wonderland with a touch of class.

  • Fun Theme: For a more playful vibe, choose inflatables like a cartoon Santa, Rudolph, candy canes, and giant gift box. This theme is especially appealing to children and those young at heart, creating a lively and cheerful setting.

In each case, the key to an effective display is not just choosing the right inflatables but also positioning them strategically to enhance the overall theme and flow of the venue. By carefully planning your layout and selecting themes that resonate with your intended audience, you can create an environment that is both inviting and impressive.

Giant Inflatable Snowman
Ground Mounted Inflatable Snowman

Rental Procedures

Renting our inflatables is a straightforward process designed to ensure you get the perfect decorations for your needs. To reserve one, simply give us a call. We recommend calling ahead of time, especially during the peak holiday season, as these popular items are highly sought after and can be booked up quickly. Once your event is over, returns are just as easy. You can bring or send the inflatables back to us, or arrange for us to pick them up if you are local, depending on your agreement. This hassle-free rental and return process ensures you can enjoy your decorations without any stress, focusing entirely on spreading cheer.

Benefits of Purchasing an Inflatable

Purchasing inflatables rather than renting can be more cost-effective over time, particularly for those who host regular holiday events or want a consistent theme each year. Ownership eliminates rental fees and availability concerns during the busy season. Additionally, owning the inflatables allows for more flexibility in terms of display times and less worry about lending periods or potential late fees. Purchasing also offers the advantage of customizing them specifically to your needs, ensuring they fit perfectly into your display year after year.

Customization for Inflatables

Purchasing custom Christmas inflatables can be a smart investment, especially if you plan on using these decorations throughout the entire season or in subsequent years. Here are some options for customization when purchasing your inflatable:

  • Logo Customization: We offer the option to customize your inflatable with a company logo or a specific message. This is perfect for businesses looking to enhance brand visibility during the holiday season.

  • Color Variations: Customize the colors of your inflatable to match your corporate colors, thematic event colors, or personal preferences. This allows for a more integrated and cohesive visual display.

  • Different Poses: Depending on the character or design of the inflatable (e.g., Santa Claus, snowman), you can choose different poses to suit the theme or vibe you're aiming for. Options might include Santa in a sleigh, standing, or waving.

  • Removable Banner: You can also customize a removable banner. This way you can attach different banners based on the event or change it out yearly. This option is also available to those who rent.

20 Foot Santa Claus with Logo
Custom Christmas Inflatable

Installation and Maintenance

Setting up and maintaining giant Christmas inflatables properly ensures they look great and last through the holiday season safely, and fortunately, they require minimal maintenance on your part. Once you've identified the ideal location, unpack the inflatable and spread it out flat on the ground. Attach the stakes or sandbags and tethers provided with the rental to secure the display firmly against any wind. Plug it into an electrical source and allow it to fully inflate.

One of the benefits of renting inflatables is that they are low maintenance. Each one is inspected before being sent out, ensuring that they are free from defects and ready for display. For maintenance, regularly check the display for any new signs of wear or tear, particularly after adverse weather. If any issues like deflation occur during the rental period, you can rely on our quick repair service. 

Christmas inflatables offer a way to enhance the festive spirit of any space, bringing joy and excitement to all who see them. These decorations are not only fun but also easy to set up and maintain, making them a popular choice for Xmas decor. To ensure you get the best selection, we encourage you to book your inflatables early, as they are in high demand during the winter season. Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your event or venue into a winter wonderland. Contact us today to reserve your favorite inflatables and start planning a holiday display that's sure to impress. Let's make this season unforgettable with spectacular decorations that everyone will love!


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