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Large Inflatable Cobra

Updated: Apr 17

Cobras are one of the most easily recognizable snakes and they have a mystique about them. Our inflatable cobras are available in multiple sizes for different events. The coiled snake is one of the most popular inflatables we have in our inventory for purchase or rental. You can also get one and customize it to your liking. Add logos, color it in a unique color or ask us to manufacture it in a particular size.

Giant Inflatable Cobra

The Egyptian cobra is without a doubt a respected animal. The ancient Egyptians used to wear a tiny gold statue attachment of the cobra on their head dress and they called it Uranus. It meant that the kingdom was ruled by a divine authority and was only worn by their leaders. Kings and others with power in the region also had collections of cobras and in some cases they were used as entertainment. This peculiar snake does not look like most of its kind and is often looked at as a special creature. Our large inflatable snake is just right for any serpentine or reptile shows. It displays a realistic snake texture with great attention to detail.


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