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Giant Christmas Inflatable Bow: Crown Media Group

Updated: 2 hours ago

Crown Media Group approached us to help decorate their building for the Christmas season. They had a clear vision and detailed setup plan, needing custom inflatables to bring their concept to life. They envisioned a giant gift box and wrapped their entire building in red and green vinyl.

For the cylindrical section, they requested a 15-foot wide green bow with a 12-foot long custom gift tag. The green bow was selected from our inventory, and we customized the tag with a branded message to enhance their holiday theme.

Inflatable Christmas Decorations - Crown Media Group
Inflatable Christmas Bow with a Custom Sign

On the building's forward-facing surface, they opted for an inflatable ribbon bow from our inventory, positioned above their brand placard. This classic velvet bow design, available for rental or purchase, added a festive touch. Although their building is large, the inflatables created the desired effect of a giant gift box.

The project required quick turnaround and detailed coordination, but the result was impressive. The decorations successfully transformed the building into a festive display, and we are excited to assist other clients with their holiday inflatable decoration needs. The overall setup not only achieved Crown Media Group's vision but also drew significant attention, highlighting the effectiveness of custom Christmas inflatables in large-scale decorations.

Giant Inflatable Christmas Decorations - Crown Media Group
Inflatable Christmas Bow

In addition to these standard designs, we specialize in custom Christmas inflatables that can be tailored to specific themes and branding needs. These inflatables are perfect for making any building or event space festive and eye-catching during the holiday season. Whether it's a giant Santa, snowman, or themed gift tags, our custom inflatables bring holiday cheer and enhance the visual appeal of any setting.


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