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Giant Christmas Inflatable Bow: Crown Media Group

Updated: 2 days ago

Crown Media Group told us they wanted to decorate their building for the coming holiday season. They knew exactly what they wanted and told us how they would set it up. What they needed from us were some inflatables to decorate their building.

Inflatable Christmas Decorations - Crown Media Group
Inflatable Christmas Bow with a Custom Sign

They liked the idea of a red ribbon bow, a green gift bow and a custom inflatable gift tag. The turnaround time was rather quick and coordination for the inflatable decorations took some serious planning. It turned out great and we look forward to helping others with their inflatable decorations.

They vinyl wrapped their entire building red and green to resemble a giant gift box. On the cylindrical section of the building they placed a custom green bow and with a gift tag attached to the bottom of the gift bow. The green gift bow is 15 feet wide and the tag is 12 feet long. While the tag is customized, the bow is one of our many inflatables in our inventory. We customized the tag with a branded message for them to display.

Giant Inflatable Christmas Decorations - Crown Media Group
Inflatable Christmas Bow

On the forward facing surface of their building they placed an inflatable ribbon bow. This bow was placed above their brand placard for passerby to see. It is a classic velvet bow design that we have in our inventory for both rental or purchase. Their building is so large that it dwarves our giant inflatables but overall they look great on the building and do resemble the giant gift box they were going for.


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