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Custom Inflatables: Sanford Children's

Updated: Mar 15

This inflatable was very easy to model. The hard part was adding all of the artwork. The logo, the windows and the doors are easy but being able to map out all of the stone and getting it to wrap proportionally to the final castle shape and size, took a close inspection and setup from our design team.

We do not shy away from being able to manufacture inflatables that we have never made before. If anything, we welcome it because we like the challenge and are always interested in being able to work on new projects. Working on custom projects has provided us with enough experience to work on larger and far more difficult inflatable models.

Inflatable Castle Replica: Sanford Children's
Inflatable Castle Prop Replica

One of the fascinating things about projects like this is that we would have never thought of it. Many of the designs and ideas our clients come to us with as completely unique and require us to be able to map and design them from scratch. We are one of a handful of companies that are able to manufacture custom inflatables from scratch in the U.S. We are able to manufacture almost any inflatable regardless of shape, size or complexity (as long as its viable and safe to manufacture.)

If you are interested in seeing other giant inflatables we have manufactured, follow the blue link and you'll see more examples.

Custom Inflatable Castle Replica: Sanford Children's
Custom Inflatable Castle Replica for Sanford Children's


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