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How to Make an Inflatable Structure?

Updated: Mar 15

Giant inflatable structures are large-scale inflatable installations designed for various purposes, such as advertising, entertainment, sports, and events. These structures are typically made from durable materials and are filled with air to achieve their inflated form with a sustained air blower system. We are a company known for our innovative and artistic approach to designing and manufacturing these structures.

Finding the right inflatable structure is crucial because there are multiple different types of structures available. Here are some types of giant inflatable structures that we offer, manufacture and customize:

  1. Inflatable Tents: These are large inflatable structures designed to serve as temporary shelters for events, exhibitions, or even camping. They provide a versatile and portable option for creating covered spaces.

  2. Inflatable Archways: These structures are usually placed at the start or finish lines of races, marathons, or other sporting events. Inflatable archways can feature branding, logos, or custom designs, providing an eye-catching and easily identifiable landmark.

  3. Inflatable Domes: Inflatable domes are large, dome-shaped structures that are inflated to create a covered space. They can be used for various purposes, such as temporary event venues, exhibition spaces, or even as portable shelters. Inflatable domes offer the advantage of being able to have a large footprint, portability, and a unique architectural appeal.

  4. Inflatable Misting Tents: These structures designed to provide a cool and refreshing environment by incorporating misting systems into the inflatable structure. These tents are often used in outdoor events, festivals, or hot climates to provide a comfortable and enjoyable space for attendees. They offer both shade and misting features, making them a popular choice for keeping people cool during outdoor gatherings.

  5. Inflatable Tunnels: Typically long, tube-shaped structures that are inflated to create a tunnel-like structure. They are often used in sports events, such as football or soccer games, as a unique entrance or exit for players. Inflatable tunnels can be customized with team logos, branding, or other designs, making them a popular option for enhancing the overall fan experience.

When it comes to the manufacturing process, we employ a combination of artistic design and technical expertise. Generally we design everything in tandem with our clients who are often the ones guiding us through projects since they are mostly looking for custom shapes and designs.

We manufacture all of our inflatables with the durable materials, which are specific to our company and will not be found elsewhere. In order to make an inflatable structure we take our clients specifications, model them in a 3D environment to finalize design cues and shapes. From there, we can create patterns to digitally print and manufacture the inflatable structures. They are then cut and sewn together by our skilled production team.

By combining creativity, craftsmanship, and technical expertise, we produce a wide range of giant inflatable structures that captivate audiences, promote brands, and enhance the overall visual experience of various events and spaces.


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