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Giant Inflatable Yellow Rubber Duck

Updated: Apr 18

The inflatable rubber duck has popularity like no other inflatable in our entire inventory. It is an easily recognizable shape and the colors are unmistakable. Without a doubt it is familiar to anyone in any western country.

Rent this inflatable! It is available for purchase or rent! This is one of over 1500+ inflatables in our inventory and we love it because it can be applied to any use case. Clients with all sorts of different ideas and use cases come to us for this particular model. On top of that, we can redesign it and add logos images or any other sort of print for you to customize it as necessary.

Giant Inflatable Yellow Rubber Duck

The rubber ducky design is one of the most popular inflatable designs of all time. Perhaps it's just the timelessness of the rubber ducky design that makes it easily recognizable and appealing to people. This inflatable duck design has been used for concerts and commercial shoots along with demonstrations and other events.


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