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Custom Inflatable: Splunk's Buttercup

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

This giant inflatable horse is a creative and eye-catching marketing tool. The "Buttercup" is a larger-than-life replica designed to grab attention and make a lasting impression on viewers. It stands tall, towering above the crowd, with a commanding presence that draws people's eyes towards it. The horse is made from durable and weather-resistant materials, ensuring it can withstand various outdoor conditions. Of course, being able to secure it and tie it down will ensure it is safe to those around it. Learn how you can install an inflatable and tether it with the included ropes in the video below.

The design of the horse is meticulously crafted to reflect the brand and message of the SPLUNK software company. It features color matching, striking patterns to reflect a replica of Buttercup, and the company's logo and slogan prominently displayed on both the front and back of the horse. This inflatable could also be customized with additional branding elements such as banners or flags, further promoting your company's identity.

Giant Inflatable Mascot Horse Splunk
Giant Inflatable Splunk Horse Replica

At conventions and events, the giant inflatable horse becomes a focal point, instantly creating a buzz and generating curiosity among attendees. Its large size and unique appearance make it hard to miss, attracting people from afar and directing them towards your booth or designated area.

Giant Inflatable Mascot Horse Splunk in front of building
Giant Inflatable Horse Mascot at Convention Center

Here are a few ways a custom inflatable, such as this one, can serve your marketing needs:

  1. Brand Awareness: The horse acts as a powerful branding tool, allowing your company to stand out in a sea of competitors. It serves as a visual representation of your brand and helps to create a memorable association between your company and the horse's striking presence.

  2. Increased Foot Traffic: The horse's impressive size and attention-grabbing nature draw people in, increasing foot traffic to your booth or event space. Its visual appeal piques curiosity, encouraging attendees to explore further and learn about your software company's offerings.

  3. Photo Opportunities: The giant inflatable horse can serve as an excellent backdrop for photo opportunities. Attendees will likely take pictures with the horse and share them on social media platforms, generating organic exposure for your brand and potentially reaching a broader audience.

  4. Social Media Engagement: Encouraging attendees to share their experiences with the horse on social media can create a buzz around your company. Consider creating a unique hashtag and incentivizing attendees to use it when sharing their photos or experiences, helping to amplify your reach and engagement online.

  5. Memorable Impressions: The horse's unique presence leaves a lasting impression on attendees. The visual impact combined with a positive brand experience can create a memorable association with your company, increasing the likelihood of attendees remembering and considering your software solutions in the future.

By utilizing the giant inflatable horse at conventions and events, this software company can effectively capture attention, enhance brand visibility, and create memorable experiences that contribute to their overall marketing goals. Buttercup is a huge success whenever SPLUNK has an event. She transforms the event's environment as a decoration that is not overly repetitive like banners but still quite eye catching and clear what the event is about.

Giant Inflatable Horse Mascot Splunk at event
Giant Inflatable Animals: Splunk


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