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Giant Inflatable Fish

Updated: Mar 15

The inflatable angel fish in our animal inventory is one of the more colorful and unique designs. It stands on a base that has kelp and bubbles to be in theme with it. Aside from that we have it available in 3 different colors to choose from and multiple sizing options to make sure it is available for completely different use cases.

Giant Inflatable Angel Fish Prop
Giant Inflatable Animals: Angel Fish

Aquariums, pet shops and museums love our angelfish to decorate for special sales and events. The angelfish was discovered in 1876 and since it's discovery it has been very popular because of its elegant design. Visually, it's a very unique fish and attracts attention because of this alone. Now imagine how eye catching a very large inflatable replica of it would be!

Inflatable Fish on Rock

This inflatable fish is one of the older designs we have made in the past. Of course, we have come a long way and are constantly reimagining what is possible with inflatables. And yet, this is one of the most popular inflatables in our aquatic animal inventory, right there with the octopus. Perhaps it's the big bright colors and its jolly smile.

Giant Inflatable Fish on Rock
Giant Inflatable Fish on Rock

The inflatable fish on a rock is a fish sitting crossed legged on a rock that waves with its left fin, as if out of a cartoon. It is one of our largest inflatables in terms of height. We have five different sizes available for either rental or purchase. We can brand any inflatable with logos or verbiage or we can customize it in any other way you desire.

Custom Inflatables: Giant Airtight Inflatable Fish

Giant Airtight Inflatable Fish
Custom Inflatable Fish Prop: Bass Pro Shop

Airtight Giant Inflatable Fish
Custom Inflatables: Bass Pro Shop Fish

We work very closely with some of our clients who are looking to improve their advertising and marketing display efforts. Oftentimes we have very particular request, even if it's something odd or out of the norm, we can make it. Of course, we seek to make sure it's feasible and not something that is so complex that it would be impossible to make.

This 8ft inflatable animal was made for Bass Pro Shops. They wanted an inflatable they could mount to different locations. They also had the need for the inflatable to have a custom base with a dedicated mount. Also, the inflatables were made with an internal bladder that can be inflated and maintain itself inflated. Sealed inflatables have an airtight bladder that is then covered with the dedicated graphics afterwards as opposed to a constant inflatable blower system. This was the way the inflatable fish had to be manufactured because they were going to be installed in different facilities where access to power was not going to be available all of the time. This allows for low maintenance and it doesn't compromise durability while also delivering the dedicated platform the client needed.


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