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Giant Inflatable Easter Eggs

Updated: Mar 15

Are you looking to promote an event for Easter? Our huge inflatable Easter Egg is an ideal prop of choice. Colorful and festive, this giant Easter egg is just waiting for the opportunity to impress some kids and adults alike.

Giant Inflatable Easter Eggs
Giant Inflatable Easter Eggs

Since this inflatable prop is commercial grade, it can withstand outdoor usage for a really long time. This bright egg goes really well on grass, since that's where people usually hide the eggs during egg hunts. We also carry an Easter bunny that you can combine with the egg for a true Easter theme. Made in the USA.

15 ft. Giant Inflatable Easter Egg

Some of our client request are abstract in nature but we still have to be able to manufacture them in the way the client envisions the item. This giant inflatable egg decoration is supposed to be the top half of a decorated Easter egg. It is a bit odd at first but we know they were going to place it in an Easter themed environment which might elevate the way it looks there as opposed to outside of our factory where we tested it for quality control.

15 ft. Giant Inflatable Easter Egg
Giant Inflatable Half an Egg

This giant Easter egg prop is 15 feet tall and has a radius of about 5 feet. Creating a large inflatable prop is a nice option for stage directors since it is easy to transport and manage for concerts as opposed to a solid figure made of wood or epoxy which can be heavy and cumbersome to manage.

Take a look at some other inflatable replicas we have manufactured in the past. They range from products like shoes, cans and bottles to animals and food products. Also, you can either purchase or rent most of the inflatables in our inventory or you can design your own, like our client did with this Easter egg.


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