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Giant Inflatable Cow

Updated: Mar 15

The Holstein cow replica is one of our most popular animal inflatables. Its design is the epitome of what a "regular" cow looks like. This realistic design makes it stand out amongst cow inflatables which truly can't compare or come close because of the difference in size and realistic texture print.

40 Foot Inflatable Cow
Giant Inflatable Cow

This massive cow is one of our many realistic inflatable animal designs. The first time we manufactured it was for a veterinarian and then it became one our most popular animal inflatables.

Inflatable cows are often used for decorative or promotional purposes because of the infinite possibilities we can apply to them with digital print. You can add logos, imaging or completely change the color to whatever you want. We manufacture them with durable vinyl materials and design them with high quality graphics and state-of-the-art shape designs.

Inflatable cows have gained popularity in recent years, particularly in the advertising industry, where they are often used as attention-grabbing props for promotional events or sales campaigns. They are also sometimes used as lawn decorations or as part of themed parties and events.


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