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Giant Inflatable Can: Michelob Ultra

Updated: Mar 15

Beverage companies are one of the largest businesses in the United States as a whole The industry, nationwide captures an average of about $252.82 billion annually. As such, building brand recognition and going all out with advertising and marketing campaigns is key to keeping the business going. As a matter of fact, business is growing for the beverage industry in the states.

This 30 foot inflatable can replica was made for a marketing company working hand in hand with the Anheuser-Busch who was looking for a marketing product they could take from event to event and install quite easily. Of course, since we can manufacture just about anything into a large inflatable shape, the options for the final product were endless but there is nothing more emblematic than the actual product. So, once we figured out that the inflatable can replica was the most suited for our client we had to make sure that proportions, colors, labeling and sizing were as close to the real product as possible. Especially if it was going to represent the company at their events.

Giant Inflatable Beer Can: Michelob Ultra
30 Foot Inflatable Beer Can Replica

In order to keep brand consistency we always aim to work with the company's direct issue of the brand guidelines to ensure that we manufacture items to their required specifications. For example, color matching is key with large brands. When you have a large company that sources t-shirts, business cards, printed car wraps and other branded material, you want to make sure that there is brand consistency. Especially when everything is sourced from different manufacturers and suppliers. We pay extra attention to this because we know it is crucial to a brand's image.

If you would like to see more options or replicas we have made, check out this page where you can see more examples of inflatable cans and here for inflatable bottles.

30 ft. Inflatable Beer Can Replica Michelob Ultra
30 ft. Inflatable Beer Can Replica Michelob Ultra


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