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Giant Inflatable Cactus Prop

Updated: Mar 15

Giant inflatable props are used for a great variety of shows, events, parties and exhibitions. We have seen customers put them on ceilings, rooftops, parade them in protest, use them for photoshoots, as concert decorations and many other creative use cases. We are always fascinated to see where or how they will be used next. They also stand out anywhere you put them and can create a surreal landscape with them.

Giant Inflatable Cactus Prop
Giant Inflatable Cactus

Don't get pricked by this cactus! Okay, maybe this inflatable cactus is not as realistic as some of our other models, but it's still a popular choice. This succulent is part of our Western selection and is often used in plays and musicals as stage decorations. This inflatable cactus prop comes in various sizes and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The heavy duty construction and powerful blower system allow prolonged usage without any problems. This inflatable cactus is perfect for parties, exhibitions, and trade shows as well. Use this in conjunction with a cowboy for a truly Western theme.


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