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Giant Inflatable Advertising Sale Sign

Updated: Mar 15

Car dealerships are among the most competitive industries in America. Promotional items make up a big part of the success of closed deals because it is the one thing that draws people into the store to begin with. Because of this fierce competition, dealerships must aggressively display promotional items to attract potential buyers. Here in Southern California, the competition is very sharp and it takes a lot to stand out from the rest.

Inflatable Rentals: Advertising Sales Event Sign
Giant Inflatable Sign with a Custom Banner

Creative Inflatables has developed multiple works for car dealership sale events; from branded inflatable tents to hot air balloons and blow up advertising signs. You can’t go wrong with any of these promotional items. We also create custom designs and shapes upon request to suit a specific client's needs. We know that while we have a large inventory for rentals we cannot possibly cover everything that would suit everyone.

So we aim to be able to accommodate as many of our clients as possible. Because of this, a custom inflatable is always an option with custom colors, in a custom shape and even size. We believe that we could create just about any conventional shape in an inflatable format. If you have any questions or price inquiries about any of our products, feel free to ask.

Inflatable Rentals: Advertising Sale Sign
Inflatable Advertising


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