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Custom Inflatables for Gaming Events

Updated: Jun 5

Gaming expos are filled with previews of upcoming games, interactive demos, and panels with creators. We offer custom inflatables for these conventions that are giant, eye-catching, and can help promote your video games. These aren't just simple balloons with your logo, we can bring any character to life. Previously used at E3 expos and VidCon for Fortnite and Fall Guys, our video game inflatables are completely customizable, promote engagement, and are also easy to use for your event.

Fortnite Inflatable Display
Custom Fortnite Inflatables

Custom Fortnite Inflatables for E3 Expo 

During the 2019 E3 Expo, Fortnite was a standout booth, especially with the use of custom Fortnite inflatables. The displays we created included several characters and large-scale models. The placement and scale of these replicas were strategically designed to maximize visibility and impact. By situating them prominently and using them to fill space, Fortnite became a landmark at E3. Below we show the different characters and props we did for this expo.

Life Size Peely Inflatable
Custom Inflatable Peely

Peely, the well-known banana character was transformed into a life size inflatable that was displayed on the main stage. By bringing one of Fotnite's most iconic characters to life it created a memorable experience for fans at the event. This Peely inflatable was also a great way to encourage visitors to engage directly by posing alongside him for pictures.

The representations of Cuddle Team Leader and Fishstick at the E3 Expo were done as giant inflatable heads. These oversized heads were suspended from the ceiling which maximized the use of vertical space within the area and also added an element of fun as these large, floating heads tied the overall display together.

Battle Bus Inflatable
Custom Inflatable Hot Air Balloon

The Battle Bus is a big element in Fortnite that any player would recognize immediately. Incorporating the hot air balloon onto the bus, not only transformed it into the battle bus but also increased its visibility across the expo floor and created an iconic photo op for fans of Fortnite. Don't forget to thank the bus driver!

Custom Fall Guys Inflatables for VidCon 

The Fall Guys setup at VidCon was a playful showcase, brilliantly capturing the essence of the game's chaotic and colorful atmosphere. The booth featured several large replicas of popular Fall Guys characters and props, that served as decor and as interactive elements to engage the crowd and promote the game. Keep scrolling to see the different displays we created for this booth!

The design of the Fall Guys booth was done by creating giant displays of the characters, including the hot dog and cheerleader skin, reflecting the customizable avatars. These Fall Guys inflatables were strategically placed above the booth and appeared to be leaping out at you, creating an environment that replicated the game's playfulness.

Custom Inflatable Rainbow
Custom Rainbow Inflatable

Other characters and props stood at ground level, inviting attendees to approach and engage directly with photos. We were asked to create a standard bean character for guests to be able to interact with it directly as well as create a rainbow backdrop to emulate the game's themes.

Giant Custom Inflatable Prop
Custom Inflatable Hammer

This replica of a Fall Guy's course allowed attendees of all ages to engage with the props. The display served as an interactive advertisement for the game. Guests would take photos with the giant inflatable hammer pretending to dodge it or even create fun videos pretending to be whacked by it like in the game.


Our giant custom inflatables can be designed to replicate anything from the gaming world for any event. We can create detailed models of a video game hero, villain, or even a sidekick. Beyond characters, our we can also create game props or other elements. They can also be printed with company logos or game titles on them or you can get your logo transformed into its own inflatable. We can also add removable banners for you to promote current campaigns or events.


Custom video game inflatables are a way to elevate engagement at your events. They not only serve as backdrops for selfies and group photos but also become points of interest that draw guests in. When people share their photos on social media, they act as tools for extending your event's visibility to new audiences. Each photo, tagged with your event or game hashtags, functions as a micro-advertisement. By printing these hashtags directly on the inflatables, you can guide guests to promote your company online. This boosts engagement and drives traffic to your social media profiles and website, increasing interest and growing your follower base.

Ease of Use 

One of the advantages of custom inflatables is their ease of use. They are easy to transport, set up, and dismantle. They can be deflated and packed into compact cases, making them easy to move and store, which is great for companies that attend multiple expos or conventions. The setup is straightforward and usually only requires a few people to unroll, inflate, and secure the display. Their durability and weather resistant materials make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Inflatable Display for Gaming Expos
Fall Guys Inflatable Display

Custom giant inflatables offer advantages in terms of customization, engagement, and ease of use. These elements make them a perfect marketing tool for gaming expos such as E3 and VidCon, where standing out and making connections with attendees is key. Incorporating these displays at your next gaming expo is not just about standing out visually.

Ready to make a lasting impression at your next gaming event? Call now or visit our website to get a quote and we'll get back to you much sooner than a "Fortnite."


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