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Custom Inflatable: "Spidey" Replica

Updated: Mar 15

Although Spider-Man first appeared in 1962 and it was part of one story line about a photojournalist and teenager with spider powers, it was expected to be a simple one off story and instead it has become a staple of the Marvel Universe. It is along with a couple of others, one of the most popular superheroes ever. Today, there are many iterations, shows, comics and side stories (more than ever in fact) about this one character who is adapted to all sorts of scenarios and shows. This cartoon version of Spider Man is for the "Spidey and His Amazing Friends."

In the past we made a giant Spider-man for the "No Way Home" movie and it was more along the lines of a replica of the live action Spider-man. This cartoon version of Spider-man was made to resemble the kids version. It is more of a bobble head design with different proportions than that of the realistic Spider-man we made.

Custom Giant Inflatable Spiderman
Giant Inflatable Spider-man

Once the Spider-man was finished, Disney placed it on top of one of their buildings where passerby could see it. It was used as a large marketing display to promote the show and as mentioned before it is a popular hero, so people who generally love Spider-man stopped to take a picture of it just about everywhere. It was a huge marketing success and it was actually one of three figures we manufactured.

Giant inflatable spidey spider-man
Custom Inflatables: Spidey (Spiderman)

If you are curious about they types of inflatable characters that we can manufacture, let us know and we will provide you with as many examples as possible or click on the blue link and you'll see more examples.


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