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Custom Inflatable Can: San Juan Seltzer

Updated: Jun 7

Custom inflatable cans, like the one we crafted for San Juan Seltzery, showcase our expertise in transforming everyday objects into striking promotional displays. Tasked with replicating their popular Wild Blackberry Lemonade flavor, our team expertly navigated the challenges of reproducing its tall, slender design, a signature style of contemporary seltzer and energy drinks. This project underscores our mastery in custom inflatables, where accuracy in dimensions and design is crucial.

Giant Inflatable Can: San Juan Seltzer

The process begins with an in-depth analysis of the product. Our designers utilize state-of-the-art 3D-rendering software to craft an accurate model of the can. This technology is crucial in maintaining the proportions and details that make the San Juan Seltzery replica unique. Once the 3D model is ready, we present it to our client for approval. This step is essential in ensuring that our inflatable replica aligns perfectly with their expectations and branding needs. Should there be any revisions required, our team works diligently to refine the model, ensuring every detail, from the overarching color of the can's design to the distinct hues in their brand, are flawlessly replicated.

Upon finalizing the design, the production of the giant inflatable can commences. Such replicas are not just visually impressive; they're versatile marketing tools. Whether displayed at indoor trade shows or outdoor festivals, these inflatable cans are designed to capture attention and create a memorable brand experience. They are perfect for product launches, where the larger-than-life representation of the seltzer can make a significant impact. At music festivals or outdoor concerts, they serve as both decorative elements and advertisement tools, enhancing the event's ambiance while promoting the brand.

Custom Inflatable Can: San Juan Seltzer

Sports events are another ideal setting. Positioned near entry points or in fan zones, these inflatable cans can engage sports enthusiasts, offering photo opportunities and reinforcing brand presence. In the realm of corporate events, they add a unique flair to the setting, especially for companies in the beverage industry looking to showcase their products in an innovative way. Community fairs and local events also benefit from these inflatables, where they can be used to signal the location of beverage stands or as part of an interactive display.

In all these settings, the inflatable can serves a dual purpose - it's both an eye-catching piece of decor and an effective advertising medium. Its ability to be custom-tailored with logos and specific brand colors makes it an invaluable asset in any promotional strategy. As we continue to refine our inflatable technology and design processes, the potential for creating even more innovative and engaging advertising tools expands, offering limitless possibilities for brands to make a lasting impression.


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