Inflatable Planets

Inflatable planets are, without a doubt, our most popular product line among all of our inflatables. We offer the full spectrum of celestial bodies in our galactic vicinity, including poor old pluto, which doesn’t seem to get much love nowadays. Earth is naturally one of the more popular models in this lineup, for obvious reasons, but is usually customized with printed logos or slogans. Our inflatable planets come in two styles, cold-air or continuous and sealed or airtight. Both models have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it really just depends on the application. Cold-air models are easy to install, since you essentially just plug it in and up it goes. Whereas airtight models have to be inflated separately, but then they’re sealed off and do not require to be plugged in. Symposiums, museums and even concert halls have used our sealed inflatable planets to decorate their venues since they don’t create any noise and no constant inflation is required.